Hemp Leaves (come from the same family of plants that gets people high!)

With nearly one garbage truck’s worth of textiles being dumped or incinerated every second, damage done by the fashion industry is only growing. Being the second largest polluter in the world (just after the oil industry), the fast fashion industry has rarely paid any attention to organic or natural fibres such as hemp, bamboo or organic cotton.

In comes GreenSanity. We’re a small team of social entrepreneurs based on the Gold Coast. We kicked off with just a single thing in our mind: passion for sustainability.

As sustainable fashion continues to grow, we aim to promote what we think is…

Photo by Mario Calvo on Unsplash

It’s 6 a.m. on a Monday morning.

There are pine trees and tangled wires running past this train. The carriage is saturated with the silence of a myriad strangers. Strangers travelling to offices, to schools, to airports, to places unknown. Strangers who woke up coiled in crumpled quilts, felt the steam of a hot shower, drove or were driven to the train station, hopped onto a train, sat on a seat and blended in with other strangers who have had similar routines. Strangers strangers to each other.

These strangers do various things. They read hardcover books with aged spines in…

Me, mid-session, at my own school! (Ahlcon International)

It was a warm October afternoon last year when I received an email from my university’s faculty about a new program they were launching in conjunction with Trade & Investment Queensland and Study Queensland, Queensland Government.

I sat reclined on a university sofa, downing a Red-Bull and blasting Bombay Bicycle Club in the background. It was a tense time, with a few assignments due in the same week. I read through the email once and got back to work, for it outlined an interview schedule for the next day. I was not sure if I was going to attend it…

Oh, and a Happy New Year!

2018 is just another year in a series of years that have fled past us and years that are yet to come. Every year, we have the option of growing as more polished, better individuals and helping others around us grow, too.

Since I had some (I’m lying, a lot) of time on my hands, I sat down and compiled a list of books, movies and music that have been delightful to read, watch & listen to. …

I have been existing just fine.

I have been observing. People. Places. Things. Nothing extraordinary. An assemblage of rickshaw-pullers challenging their luck by playing cards. A young boy and his father begging, amidst cars gridlocked in space near Connaught Place. A security guard, an old man, opening the door for people who enter the coffee shop and closing it for people who leave. A wooden ladder, stained from the walls it helped paint, suspended in time on my balcony. Stillness of an empty verandah on a cold afternoon and commotion, bustle on the streets of Chandni Chowk. …

He gently opens his eyes. Upon sniffing, the earthy and barren scent of his room sends his olfactory senses into an overdrive. He loved waking up. His eyes absorb the myriad shades of green that his room was always engulfed in, and he is used to the experience of a subtle endorphin rush as he rises from his bed and greets his plants which rest silently at nearly every point in the room — muddy windowsills, top of the mahogany bookshelf, beside his emerald reading lamp, on his study desk, inside his dusty wardobe, below his television stand and every…

It’s the comfort of your bed. The particular stiffness of the mattress. It’s the sight of empty, old shampoo bottles kept along your bathroom’s shelf and of the same pairs of shoes lined up in your shoerack. It’s the taste of freshly baked chapatis and it’s the distinctive, peculiar scent of your old room. It’s even the bustle of the city, which makes up for a rather strange backdrop of your present. It’s the revving of engines, the perpetual cycle of honking, the zig-zagging of vehicles, things which make you wonder how order and chaos can coexist so beautifully. It’s…

This is in continuation to The Letter. I recommend reading it if you haven’t already.

He opens his eyes gently, and blinks. Tilting his head, he notices streams of sunlight penetrating through the narrow slit between the velvet curtains. His mouth is extremely dry, like twigs of the tree swaying with the wind outside. He does not see it coming.

A wave hits him. Of what, he does not know. He starts sobbing, clutching the cold sheets with his powerful, muscular hands. The empty glass from last night watches the act unfold, deep emotion and silence percolating the room concurrently.

He stumbles into his hotel room. A warm, mysterious space, scenting like the air-freshener from the local grocery store. For the past few days, solitude had lost its meaning. He was lonely.

He unconsciously pours himself a drink from an almost empty bottle sitting on the desk. After taking his suit jacket off, he sits down and begins writing a letter to his wife. The parchment smells ethereal and earthy. As his pen rolls down smoothly on the grainy paper, he describes his strange condition, trying his best to dryly articulate feelings which surface and disappear regularly. At last, he…

Raunaq Bahl

New Delhi | Gold Coast | Writing words, designing experiences, capturing people, places and things

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