Old people can’t use computers. I can, and I feel smug about it.

Today I had to visit a client, which I will call T, because he urgently needed my help to fix something in his computer.

T. has got a moderately successful business, and he needs to deliver his billing reports to his accountant in this week. Sadly, the Excel template he uses for this purpose had stopped working and he called me, desperate, because the clock was biting him in the ass.

Once I got there and saw the Excel sheet in the screen, I knew what was wrong. T. was using dots instead of commas to separate the decimals, so Excel was interpreting the cell as text and not a number.

Haha, haha, hahahaha. He doesn’t know how to use his mobile phone!

I know you want to laugh. It’s as if I can see you in the distance. To be honest, I was about to laugh my ass off, but then I remembered: I, with all my knowledge, am unemployed. I, with all my expertise, owe several months of back rent. Meanwhile T, who doesn’t even know how to use Gmail, owns a successful lodging business, two homes, three cars and a freaking private yacht moored in the south of Spain.

My right to feel smug

I wrote this post right after I saw a tweet denouncing this very occurrence: how do we dare to criticize our mothers for not knowing how to use a computer, when it was them who taught us to hold a spoon?

Well, I think that yes, that we have that right. A sacrosanct, inalienable right to ridicule our moms, our dads, our gramps and grannies the moment they get lost using a computer. Why, do you ask?

Because when they were our age they had a family, they had children, a home, a couple of cars and a place in the cemetery should they need it. We, on the other hand, are broke and often in deep debt. We don’t know what to do with our lives and at this freaking moment we can’t even get out of our parents’ because there’s no way to find a decent job. Hell, I didn’t get out of my parents’ house; they just died before I even could think of it.

You see, it’s just something to get a lil self-esteem back. It’s just the only thing we have to feel better than them.

Don’t you dare to take that away.