Slack Is Transforming The Way Marketers Should Think

Although I’m not a marketing guy it wasn’t hard to realize that marketing has been changed over the last years. It’s easier to start a business then ever before, thus people are more willing to try.

But it often comes down to the same question - how to get users? Here’s the advice I first heard from Peter Thiel; find a niche market and try to establish a monopoly on that instead of going after a large market. And that leads to the next biggest challenge — how to find that niche market, that targeted group of people?

Create landing pages and A/B test different campaigns to find your users is something that a small company can’t always afford due to the limited resources of time and money.

The lucky thing is the people by heart like to belong communities and that also became very easy as social media spread. Enough to mention the power of instagram/youtube influencers or facebook groups. However there’s a quite new way that doesn’t meant, just happened to be a social platform. That’s Slack. A messaging app for teams, which is actually also great for creating communities around certain topics. (Note that I’m also a maker of a community, called #smallbiz).

The Slack platform happened to be a great place for communities

Just like with many other things, startups were one of the first who discovered the advantages of using Slack as a community platform, but then it has been quickly followed by others. The number of Slack groups are growing pretty fast, soon there’ll be a community around almost all interesting topics.

Large group of people interested in the same niche, that is like a marketer’s dream.

So if you take the one of the best advice I’ve ever heard; you are going right there where your users are.

Then here’s what you should do

Find the Slack group of your target audience and join. If there’s no such a thing yet, then go ahead and create it.

Listen to your potential users deeply. To their problems. Then try to find solutions. If you get to a point when you understand them well enough then you are halfway there.

Note that joining and immediately trying to sell your shit does not equal the above mentioned process. It’s just like in real world — not appreciated by any group.

To find relevant groups I’d recommend reading this article or check out and

According to a recent article 60k+ people are already using Slack as a community platform, so the reach is already quite high, not to mention the future potential.