Mourning Mastodon

Part of it is a normal process: as a service becomes more popular, the group that started it loses influence. That began even earlier: Mastodon was started by Gargron, but he now has less control over how it evolves.

In principle, Mastodon’s growing popularity is good for everyone, because it will generally improve more quickly.

Isn’t the main concern for Mastodon’s original community that their needs aren’t considered anymore, going forward?

Wouldn’t they be best supported via a formal process for proposing Mastodon features? This process could favor two kinds of proposals:

  1. Proposals with broad appeal, benefitting everyone.
  2. Proposals that are important for minorities (anti-harrassment measures, support for accessibility, etc.). As a bonus, these kinds of proposals tend to be more forward-looking and can prevent problems before they even occur.

#2 could be enforced explicitly, e.g. by giving minority votes more weight.