This is… fiction, I guess. A conversation that took place in my head. Between voices that may or may not be me, and myself.

Them: Don’t worry, it will be okay.

Me: But… Trump, his staff is all appointed to tear apart the government and the fabric of our nation!

Them: Yes, and they will do a lot of that before this is all said and done. But the principles that built this country are more enduring than that. It took years for the EPA to come into existence and make difference. It will take years to reverse that, and other things.

Me: Doesn’t look like it. Shit is going to hell fast, with asshole appointing people at Bannon’s behest to destroy the departments they in charge of.

Them: Yes, on the surface it is. But it the national zeitgeist, it’s still there, and wanted. Plus people are wanting change, and change for the better. Just because a pack of con artists sold their program of destruction as change to “Make America Great Again” by bringing back failed industries and outdated social strictures doesn’t mean that what people really want. Look at the fools who are saying “Waitaminute, I didn’t think you were going to bite my face!” when they voted for the party of Party of Face Biters.

Me: Yeah, but they are dumb enough to be swayed by cheap lies and propaganda. Plus their pastors lying from the pulpit so they can get more and more donations and power.

Them: Oh, it will get messy, and some places in this country won’t be safe for anyone not of that benighted tribe to go. The idiot brigade won’t see the truth until they have not only been bitten, repeatedly, but it is also ground into their faces that the ones biting them are actually their own Face Biting Party. That means the other side will have to not have power to stop the face biting in most places.

Me: That doesn’t sound like it’s going to be okay, then.

Them: In the short term, for some people, especially the ones who vote most consistent against their own interests in the name of Jesus, Conservatism, “Bootstraps” and “Responsibility”, will suffer a lot, by getting exactly what they voted for by voting for the Face Biting Party of hypocrites and liars. Everyone will suffer some, but it will take that turmoil and mess to bring out the true American spirit in the brainwashed.

Me: What about the actual majority of us that *didn’t* vote for all of this idiocy? We get the shaft too.

Them: Yes, but you know it’s coming. You are already thinking of backup plans and savings and alternatives and strategies. The Face Biting Party supporters aren’t — they expect their party to come through and set them up as the high and mighty, with economic prosperity due to removal of any and all government “interference” in their lives. Miraculously all obstacles will be removed and their greatness will shine forth, and their opponents will be forced to “get a job” and “obey the scripture” and grovel to be allowed to atone with the sweat of their brow for every imagined moral failing ascribed to them. This will never happen, but they don’t know that.

Me: Right. We get fucked over by the Face Biters, but they essentially get fucked over harder by their own Face Biters. How does that fix things?

Them: Many, many many people have to be sent to the very bottom, to the depths of despair and frustration before they examine why there is a problem. It’s especially true with politics. Elections, and election cheating, have consequences. You know that, in your gut, they don’t, at least as it pertains to them. They are so busy gloating over the fact that you “lost” (because of a rigged game) that they don’t realize that the rigged game works against them, too.

Me: That still doesn’t say how it fixes things.

Them: There is a tipping point. A point when enough people in the right areas say “Hey, wait a minute! I didn’t sign up for this level of destruction, or even close to it. I want the better system back.”

Me: Hah! They want to live in a fucking third world country with corrupt politicians and good ol’ boy cops and city, county, state and federal government “small enough to drown in the bathtub” — ie eliminated in favor of some lawless corporatocracy where only the cynics golden rule applies.

Them: Yes, and in some areas they will have exactly that. Don’t go there, discourage your friends from going there. It will get ugly and even violent as people there try to “second amendment” solve problems that have no targets to shoot at. Rational people will leave those areas, including rational companies. Look at the states with that crazy “RFRA” junk and bathroom laws.

Me: Grrr. So how long will the reset take?

Them: You know we don’t deal with exact time on things like this. Sometime between a year and a decade.

Me: *groan*

Them: Still, it will be okay, and within your lifetime. If you plan well, you will be fine.

Me: *checks my portfolio* Yeah, right.

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