7 Actionable SEO Strategies that will work in the year 2019

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Search engine optimization has become one of the most powerful practices these days. But it has to be done with the right SEO strategy to make it worthwhile.

Everything works best only when done in the right way.

Else it can give adverse effects also.

So, you only need to figure out the strategy to get the best results.

SEO has emerged as an effective medium to improve the website ranking and grab enough traffic for the website.

SEO is not all about only search engines.

In fact, Right SEO strategies have to be there.

Consequently, it will help to improve the users’ experience and make the results last longer.

Ok, let’s ask a question to yourselves.

Do you simply need SEO services or you need SEO services with the right strategy?

Ok, let’s proceed further and have some clarity in your thoughts

Importance of SEO Strategy

As time changes, the techniques and strategies also change.

You cannot rely on old age SEO strategies to get the best in the present scenario.

Because outdated strategies are no more welcomed anywhere.

Instead, SEO experts keep themselves updated with the latest trends and techniques which are working well in the market.

Updation in SEO techniques means something new and better has evolved.

Furthermore, this leads to an increase in effectiveness and productivity of SEO.

Increases effectiveness of SEO

Anything that is done with a strategy gets better results.

This is because it involves proper methods to do it.

Using the right techniques in SEO make it quite easy to work on every element.

Ultimately, it will make every element to work at its best.

Whether it is about titles, meta description, alt tags etc.

Everything will be optimized in a detailed way.

Fewer Possibilities of Errors

Any kind of error in SEO can affect its results.

So, why not do it with a proper planning and strategy.

SEO strategies help to do everything in a planned manner using the best ways.

Furthermore, leading to a reduction in errors.

Many times there are very common errors which are hardly noticed.

But they do have an impact on the results.

And this is just because moving ahead without any strategy.

SEO strategies make it easier to do the things flawlessly and eliminate the possibility of errors as well.

Helps to Beat the Competitors

We cannot deny this fact that in this digital era, everyone is familiar with the importance of SEO.

Hence, everyone is heading towards SEO services.

But have you ever thought how one can distinguish his SEO work from others?

What will make your SEO more effective in comparison to others?

Above all, this is SEO strategies.

Right, and updated strategies give your SEO a competitive edge over the brands who have done SEO without strategies.

In this manner, you can surpass your competitors and take the advantage.

Now, being familiar with the importance of SEO strategy, hopefully, it’s clear now why every business needs SEO strategies.

Let’s move ahead and discuss what are the strategies that will help you to get long-lasting SEO results.

Attractive titles and descriptions hold the power to freeze the visitors

What is the first thing that grabs the immediate attention of the visitors when someone visits a page?

Of course, it is the title of the page.

Title of the page has a great impact on the SEO results.

This part cannot be ignored at any cost.

This is the fact, that no visitors would love to invest their time until they find something relevant to their search query.

A title should be that much compelling and expressive that it can tell what the content is all about.

Titles that convey the clear message are quite SEO friendly.

Tips to optimize the title and description for SEO

Title tags help the search engines to understand the context of the content.

These tags are not only good from the point of view of SEO but also for the users as well.

Users can easily understand what is the content all about by simply looking at the title.

Social sharing is another advantage that can be availed using title tags.

This is because clickable links make it easy to be shared on social platforms.

Evergreen content helps your website to stay evergreen

Quality content is one of the vital factors that not only contributes to improve the website ranking but also add value to the users.

Hence, it’s better to create evergreen.

It will help you to get long-lasting results and this is something really good from a long-term perspective.

Wait, wait, wait…

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Are you not aware what is evergreen content?

Don’t worry let’s discuss it in brief:

As the name says it all.

Evergreen content is the content that always adds value to the users.

It hardly matters whether how old the content is.

It will work for a longer period of time and give long-lasting results.

For example:

One content is having the title: Importance of SEO

The second one is having the title: SEO Latest Updates

The first one can be considered as the evergreen content.

This is because the importance of SEO will hardly change with the time.

It will always add value to the users whenever they want to know about the SEO importance.

But if we talk about the trends, it will surely change with the time.

As the updates change very frequently.

Once your website has secured a good position in the SERP.

It will stay for a longer period due to evergreen content.

Ultimately, good positioning will reward you with more number of quality leads, conversions, online sales, and profit too.

Tips to optimize content for SEO

Keep the length of content somewhere between 1500–2000 words for better ranking.

Do internal linking and provide useful outbound links also.

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Mobile friendly websites experience a large volume of traffic

The market of mobile users is expanding at a faster rate.

So, the importance of mobile cannot be ignored when it comes to SEO.

Nowadays most of the searches are made using mobile phones.

Such a scenario urges for mobile friendly website designs.

A website which is compatible with mobile devices can easily target the mobile users.

This will help to increase the traffic of your website by targeting more people.

As we all know, now people are more into mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

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Hence, the mobile-friendliness of the website has become quite essential to get more traffic.

Just don’t go on my words.

Even the Mobilegeddon algorithm update has validated this statement.

“According to Google’s Mobilegeddon algorithm update of 2015, the priority will be given to those websites which are compatible with the mobile phones and other devices.”

This update has come up to favor the mobile-friendly web designs.

Ultimately, boosting their ranking in the SERP.

While SEO there are so many factors which are taken into consideration to improve the ranking.

One of them is the users’ experience.

Mobile friendliness is also one of the essential factors which are used to enhance the website users’ experience.

Additionally, it will also help to raise the effectiveness of your website and get a good response from the various segments of users.

Some tips to make a website mobile friendly

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Voice search is pacing up at the exponential rate

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The use of voice search option is growing very rapidly.

This option has provided the feasibility to even those users who were unable to make searches earlier.

But now they can easily make searches using their voice.

We can easily notice that now voice search also holds a good percentage in total searches.

Therefore, this is the demand of the situation that voice search optimization must also be considered while SEO.

This will help to target those users also who are making searches using their voice.

As in SEO keywords are used to get the relevant and quality traffic.

In the same manner, to optimize the voice search, conversational keywords are used.

Voice search optimization will help to improve the website ranking for the voice searches.

Have you ever thought that will your website appear in the searches made using the voice?

If not…then think about it.

It may be or maybe not.

But with voice search optimization you can make your website appear for voice search also.

If the website consists of conversational keywords then it is more likely to appear in the search results.

Even Google is also quite concerned about the future of voice searches.

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According to the Google Hummingbird algorithm update, the focus will be on the meaning of the phrase rather than the individual keywords.”

The update has shown the bright future of the voice searches.

As now search engine will provide accurate information just by understanding the intent of the voice search.

Instead, waiting for someone to type the keywords.

Tips for voice search SEO

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Lengthy content is one of the tricks to add value to the users

Many times the length of the content is not taken seriously but it somewhere affects the ranking of the website.

It has been observed that content which contains word count between 1500–2000 have a better ranking in comparison to the content with less than 1500 words.

It doesn’t mean that short content does not rank well.

Just the thing is Long content is written in a very detailed way.

Therefore, it covers a wide range of topics and provides diverse information must on one platform.

Such content helps to add more value to the users.

A content that seems valuable to the users automatically becomes valuable to GoogleClick To Tweet.

Such kind of content is more likely to be displayed in SERP by the Google.

Lengthy content generally contains more keywords.

Ultimately, driving the content to rank for more than one keywords.

And one cannot get out of this fact that better ranking means better visibility.

As a result, better visibility ends up with more clicks and conversions.

This is one of the best strategies to get organic clicks and increase online sales.

And I guess these are the main purposes why business needs SEO services.

Isn’t it interesting?

But this is not all…

Long form content attracts more social shares and also helps to make the link building better.

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Social sharing increases the reach of the content which in return brings users to the website.

At last, leading towards more sales and revenue.

Additional tips:

Users experience do have an impact on SEO

Never underestimate the user experience factor when it comes to SEO.

Although, it sounds beneficial for the users but somewhere Google rewards to those websites which are user-friendly.

If you optimize the website just for Google, it may affect the sales of the business.

But if the primary focus is on users’ experience, it will end up with high conversion rate and good ranking as well.

There are few elements to take into consideration.

They will help you enhance the user experience of your website.

Loading speed of the website is the primary thing that has to be considered at any cost.

Else if the website takes a pretty good time to load, it may be abandoned by the visitor without opening it.

Try to make the website visually appealing to increase the dwell time of the users.

Dwell time is basically the time spent on the website before returning to the SERP.

Keep the website navigation simple and sorted.

Complex navigations generally confuse the visitors and become a hindrance restricting the users to take the desired action.

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Good users experience someday or the other convinces the users to make the purchase.

As a result, sooner or later Google rewards such websites with a higher ranking.

Tips to enhance the user experience

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Satisfying the search intent has gelled up in the basics of SEO

Search intent has become a quite important part from the SEO point of view.

As the name indicates, search intent is all about what is the intention of the user to conduct a search.

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This includes what all a user is searching to find out.

It can be any kind of information, any answer to a question or any product query etc.

As Google is becoming advanced day by day, it is focusing more on search intent.

The page which is providing sufficient information against a search query and satisfying the

search intent of the user tends to rank higher.

Hence, it has become important from the SEO perspective.

That why it is always advisable to produce valuable and quality content.

So that, a customer can get all the information what all he is looking for.

For example:

A user makes a search query to find out ‘CRO tools’ but after opening the page he only gets to know about the importance of tools.

In this scenario, the search intent of the user is not satisfied as he was interested to know the tools in lieu of its importance.

Therefore, such pages are restricted by Google to come up in the top searches.

Tips to optimize content for search intent

Choose wisely the type of result you want to display to the users. Example: videos, text, infographic etc.


At last, we can conclude an improvement in the traffic volume and website ranking with SEO is not a big deal.

But only when done with the right strategies.

The effectiveness of SEO is all dependent on what kind of strategies you have adopted to make the website elements work.

Changing times also leads to change in strategies.

Hence, one needs to keep on researching the kind of strategies that are working best in the market.

On the whole, it will help you figure out the new ways of SEO to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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