Before going to your internship interview

Since this is the time period where almost all the undergraduates going for the internship interviews, I thought it is high time to write on preparation for the internship interview. This checklist provides a guide for a person who is looking for the software engineering trainee position.

Object Oriented Programming concepts

Almost all companies ask questions from this section. It is a must to know the basics of OOP concepts. It will be great if you can remember and explain these concepts with practical examples. These examples will help the interviewer to get an idea that you know these concepts very well.


UML Diagrams

It is important to have a good knowledge in UML diagrams.

  1. UML —
  2. UML class diagrams —
  3. UML use case diagrams —

Design Patterns

  3. MVC —
  4. MVC —

Data structures and Algorithms

Most people get stuck in this part. It is needed to have a basic knowledge in algorithms such as bubble sort, insertion sort, etc. No need to have a deeper knowledge in advanced algorithm stuff. But if you love algorithms you can dig deep.

  2. And you can sign up for hackerrank to improve your algorithm knowledge. (optional)
  3. If you really into mathematics and computing then you can have a look at projecteuler. (optional)

Operating System concepts


Database systems

  1. ER diagrams —
  2. Database normalization —
  3. ACID — where else to go other than the wikipedia —
  4. SQL commands —

Software engineering concepts

  1. Architectures (two-tier, three-tier, multi-tier) —
  2. Agile development — eg: Scrum in five minutes —
  3. SOAP — knowing the content on this page should be enough for you to get some understanding.
  4. REST —

I recommend reading this website because it got some more information in technical aspect.

Now a days companies search for people who has the practical skills rather than being a book worm who only do academic stuffs. It is really good to have a handful of projects with you. Most interviewers ask questions on projects you have done. Nobody else know about them better than you.

And it is important not to lie on your projects. If it is a group project describe what you have done.

Some tips

Answer phone calls from unknown numbers. This call may be from your dream company. :)

Go to sleep early the day before the interview.

Don’t go late to the interview. Make sure you go there at least 15 minutes early. Don’t go too early. It may affect to your stress level. :P

Use a light smelling perfume and remember to use a deodorant.

Dress neatly.

Have a positive attitude.

If interviewer asks you a question which you don’t know the answer, tell that you don’t know the answer. DO NOT LIE. It will make a bad impression in interviewer’s mind.

Respect the interviewer. Don’t show your “Loku Line”.

Always have a pleasant smile. But don’t laugh. :P

If you are really lucky you might get chance to sign the contract with the company at the interview day.

Please note that you must not go through all the stuff here and it is not a must that you should know everything, there’s always enough time to learn if you’re open to the idea.

I am no expert in any of these stuff. But I’m pretty sure these steps will help you to brush up yourself. And if you are confident in yourself you’ll definitely get selected.

Originally published at on May 15, 2017.