Finding opportunities in every annoying experience

This is a follow up to my earlier post “Reboot”.

On January 1, 2015, like every New Years Day before, I made a resolution that I knew fairly well that I wasn’t going to be able to keep. Unlike the years before, however, I ensured that resolution’s “requirements” were realistic, instead of something crazy like wanting to run a marathon by the year end. I did so because I really wanted to ensure that I could keep going for as long.

The resolution I speak of was fairly straightforward, though it’s benefit may not immediately jump out at you — maintaining a list of anything and everything that ever annoys me.

Why did I want to maintain such a list? At the time, I had already been at Haptik for about a year and a half, and had worries that I was becoming tunnel-visioned. My creative instinct is something I value more than anything, and I often spent time daydreaming experiences I believe we all deserve.

Being overloaded with work at Haptik nearly all the time, I found this daydreaming time fairly limited. Maintaining the list was my way of deferring these creative pursuits to some point in the future when I had more time on my hand.

It’s easy to sit back and think there isn’t room for new ideas, that “everything has been built”. I don’t agree with that, and the list I maintained would do a lot to prove that there are a number of companies and even industries that are ripe for disruption.

Now that I’m moving on from Haptik (earlier than I would have anticipated in January), I’m glad I’ve been doing this exercise. I have a treasure-trove of ideas that I want to dive into. As much as I’m going to miss doing what we’ve been doing at Haptik, I am giddily excited to start experimenting and putting things out there.

PS: I do feel a need to make this clear that I’m not really “starting up”. I don’t intend on putting myself under the pressures that come with entrepreneurship so soon. For now, all I’m interested in is making my own life simpler, and maybe that of others as well.