Stop dissing on others’ design methods

Seriously, just stop it. I’d love to link to a few of the posts that annoyed me enough to write this little rant, but I don’t think they deserve the page views.

Not to say Medium isn’t a place for criticism — by all means rip into this post as well — but do the community a favor and choose a less clickbait title. If anyone uses one, call them out for it before having a rational discussion about the points itself.

My thoughts on everyone’s design methods can be summarized like this: no one design method will work for every project, so you want to ensure your team is flexible enough to the requirements at hand. What I believe we all can get behind is:

  1. We all need to do homework before we start thinking of solutions. This is going to be a mix of user research as well as interviewing different people involved in the process (product managers, business intelligence folks, etc).
  2. Don’t lock in on “one” solution, and instead go wide. Solutions for one problem might in fact come from somewhere completely different from where we’ve been looking.
  3. Prototype our solutions and test them with users. This helps minimize the business risk of our solution well before we start building the real thing. Tweak anything that isn’t showing the right results, or go back to the drawing board entirely.
  4. Verify if our solutions are having the desired impact in production and, again, tweak anything that needs improvement.

Essentially, design is never done. Constantly iterate and measure success.

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