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In our March Community Update, we asked the RAVE community what they wanted to be done with the unsold tokens from the crowdsale.

From votes from BitcoinTalk, and our social media feeds, We have now started social media contests each week on Twitter/Facebook.

The Main Token Wallet now holds the unsold tokens (49 Million RAVE) and will be used for new opportunities for the community to earn more RAVE through bounties, airdrops, & contests.

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We estimate that the price of RAVE tokens will be worth $7–8 per token.

Here are our reasons why:

Price Floor — Each RAVE token is backed by our reserve. Currently there is less than an ETH there, but that base price will rise with every transaction on the platform.

Exchange Token — The Platform Runs Similar to an exchange, except that instead of trading directly for another currency, you are trading for items. The profits from the trades go into the reserve, boosting the value of RAVE.

We use Rave to help vote in new tokens to be used…

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How can the crypto community move past meme t-shirts/mugs and start trading real products?

There have been a few projects that have tried and fallen short for one important reason:

Ecommerce Sellers are in business to make (steady) profits.Once an Item is sold, those profits can be counted on not to change

If an ecommerce seller tries to open up a crypto shop, and sells a shirt for $25 Free Shipping, but they were paid in Ethereum, Bitcoin or a lesser known coin, the profit will go up and down and possibly drag the seller into the red very often.

Since the Seller did not buy the products/materials in Crypto but with fiat, the…

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The main reason why more people do not adopt crypto, is comes down to it not being as useful as fiat yet. There are hundreds of Blockchain based projects, but with the exception of a few, most of them are vying to be in the top 10 or become “The cryptocurrency to hold or to use to buy things”.

The main question that no one is asking — To buy what??? Who is willing to work full-time to earn a currency that cannot pay bills, purchase vehicles, insurance and all the necessities of life?

Currency Without Commerce is unreliable.

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We are now listed on Idex, Acceleratorx & Forkdelta exchanges.
We have signed up for several new exchanges and will update everyone as we get more information

Our Crowdsale is officially over

We did not raise as much as we had planned for our crowdsale (less than an ETH).

We believe that the causes are not spending enough time/funding on:
— PR sites/Crypto News Sites

— Getting Listed on ICO sites

— Getting Advisors to join us and vouch for the project

— Creating Explainer Video Sooner

— Having a Dedicated Social Media Manager

— Providing Enough information about our Team

— Marketing/Advertising much…

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Cryptocurrency has solved the problems of sending money from person to person.

This has opened up the path to insert digital cash into situations where fiat money cannot reach. Trustless and irreversible transactions change how business is done.

Accountability and transparency are now aspects built into digital money. It has made it possible for us to carry out trades with anyone around the world with lower fees, and trustless transactions. It enables us to make large purchases without needing to trust the other party. It also allows us to tie money to conditional or time based restrictions through smart contracts.

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Cryptocurrency has sparked a revolution that has changed the way that many view money.

The introduction of trustless, peer to peer payment systems has broadened our understanding, and has paved way for new projects that can be built on top of these systems.

The Cryptoverse has grown tremendously over the past few years with the CoinMarketCap Boasting over 1500+ Altcoins, hundreds of Exchanges and a $432 Billion Marketcap. ( — 2/22/18)

The Winklevoss Twins, Owners of Gemini, have given estimates of Bitcoin Rising to 40x It’s current value.

While many are right to be optimistic about the growth of…


Crypto-commerce made simple. Sell New & Used Goods For Crypto In The Ravelous Marketplace.

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