Solving Cryptocurrency’s BIGGEST Roadblock To Widespread Adoption & Growth

Cryptocurrency has sparked a revolution that has changed the way that many view money.

The introduction of trustless, peer to peer payment systems has broadened our understanding, and has paved way for new projects that can be built on top of these systems.

The Cryptoverse has grown tremendously over the past few years with the CoinMarketCap Boasting over 1500+ Altcoins, hundreds of Exchanges and a $432 Billion Marketcap. ( — 2/22/18)

The Winklevoss Twins, Owners of Gemini, have given estimates of Bitcoin Rising to 40x It’s current value.

While many are right to be optimistic about the growth of the Cryptocurrency, there is One Glaring Problem that will continue to drain The Marketplace of it’s Value.

It’s no secret that when traders and holders of coins need to take profits, that the value of the coins and the marketplace take a hit.

The Problem isn’t taking profits, but how profits are taken.

Currencies are useful to the average consumer based on what you can trade them for in terms of goods or services.

At this moment, Cryptocurrency has no solid bases of Commerce to Trade Cryptocurrency for goods or services.

You may find the odd shop here or there, profiting on the novelty of a buying stuff with crypto.

Paying the bills, buying groceries, buying electronics, vehicles and more are not yet available for crypto.

Living on Crypto Alone is difficult. Some people like Andreas Antonopoulos have been able to pull this off, but until Crypto can meet the needs of many living situations and families It will continue to crash often without good reason.

Until Widescale services and platforms for crypto are adopted, More money will be sucked out of the Marketcap and swapped for FIAT that is currently more useful to traders lives.

Every Yen, Euro, Dollar, Rupee that is Cashed out from Crypto To Local Fiat highlights the failure of crypto to work as a usable currency (currently).

There are Projects that are focusing their efforts on Renting and Selling Homes and Commodities, but Commerce Is the Foundation that Cryptocurrency needs To Surpass Trillions of Dollars In Marketcap.

Many efforts to do this have been scattered, in part thanks to the competition for all projects to increase the value of their individual projects.

Currency isn’t very useful unless it can be something that people can build their lives around and even want to work to earn.

Ethereum’s Token system has been criticized by some for making it too easy to create cryptocurrencies. From my perspective it has created a solid foundation for real crypto projects and use cases to develop rather than waste labor resources competing for title of superior blockchain architecture.

Some of the Only True Crypto-Agnostic Utilities Have Been Exchanges.

How We Are Working to Change This With the Ebay Of Crypto.

Ravelous uses the exchange system as a layer within our commerce platform. This gives us the flexibility to accept many types of currencies, and help users to sell their items around the home for cryptocurrency.

This keeps the coins in circulation, and not collecting into more centralized hands (usually the companies that trade Crypto to Fiat).

By taking a fee from sales we pump that into our treasury to create a base value for our own marketplace token RAVE.

Rave is used to help with soft coin swaps, when Buyers have coins that sellers do not accept, and helps to provide sellers with a base value hedge that is verifiable at all times, and will be backed by our marketplace.

We need clearnet marketplace solutions that can work on computers and mobile devices that accept many kinds of cryptocoins.

This can help prevent some of the crashes that we have seen, Have people actually keep value inside of crypto (more than just profit generating investment) and help to drastically increase and build the Total Marketcap of Crypto.

Our Website:

Crypto-commerce made simple. Sell New & Used Goods For Crypto In The Ravelous Marketplace.

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