I, Racist
John Metta

I’ve always been aware of it, at the same time finding it baffling. Genetics clearly demonstrates that we, all of us, come from a single point of origin on the African continent. So, genetically, we are all of one race, human.

Its not just culturally, that we, as humans, need to shift. Its the fundamental language itself. When we’re using the word ‘race’ to describe ethnic background, it influences thought, and we, as humans, automatically, mentally, segregate people into an ‘other’ category.

As long as language, which influences thought, divides us it will continue to ripple out into the culture at large.

Perhaps it was how I was raised? But it never occurs to me to use how a person is born to make judgements on what they are capable of. Actions speak louder than anything.

Honestly, I’ve been treated worse by the erstwhile ‘white’ segments of the population than any other. Perhaps because I refuse to participate in this game of separation?

Oh. incidentally, while the movie may have been white washed, the Tolkien novels actually have quite a spread of ethnic diversity. But that’s Hollywood, they love to change things.

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