through new eyes

I’m asleep in the cold desk drawer,

Awakened by a slamming door

I see a girl whose speech is slurred,

I cringe as I read haunting words

Years later the drawer collects dust,

But that doesn’t mean too much

The girl opens the drawer and grabs a pen,

She’s 16 now and happy again

A decade later and I haven’t seen light

Then I see strangers flooding my sight

They pack me up and I’m afraid,

But her wedding’s soon and it’s moving day

I haven’t been touched for a long while

I’d love to see the girl smile

I see her one evening in May

She’s not so little with a baby on the way

60 years later, she’s old and grey

The face that greets me is different today

He puts me by her grave, and I love what he said,

“Thanks for being her very best friend.”

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