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Raven Man Bull

Some good news! A Ravencoin Admin Asset Exchange is finally here!

Introducing RavenX created and produced by www.ravenland.org

Ravenland have been working for several months now on the RavenX admin asset exchange to help facilitate the exchange of Ravencoin Assets. Ravencoin assets are a bit like bitcoins, except that they can represent agreements or deeds, somewhat like Ethereum and it’s ERC20 except backed by the ultimate power of the bitcoin ledger.

Ravenland has been working on the RavenX functionality since the Ravenland Ravencoin multi-faucet software was released last year

RavenX exchange provides users the ability to deposit RVN to their own RavenX `open-retail` address. From there they will be able to both list any deposited admin assets for sale, and purchase them from other users on the ravenX platform.

RavenX supports the buying and selling of Ravencoin Admin Assets. You can sign up at https://www.ravenx.net/signup

Ravenland have also built a module capable of swapping Ravencoin assets for the Ravencoin cryptocurrency. RavenX platform does the transactions themselves on-chain too, useraddress to useraddress transfers on the requires confirmation threshold of 30 confirmations to be reached for rvn_tx and rvn_asset processing. RavenX uses a powerful stateful blockchain API to ensure that customer accounts are appended correctly and to prevent double-spends or deposits.

The RavenX exchange was created by the small cryptocurrency startup Ravenland and was developed by Chief Technical Officer, Adam Bull and Lead Engineer Andrey Patceev. The project is still in the testing stages.

Although RavenX service is still highly experimental, after many weeks of testing and writing the engine for validation routines to support this platform, the usual blood and sweat, it’s our pleasure to be able to announce to you RavenX is now open for sign ups for Ravencoin admin asset exchange! hurrah!

RavenX are still a new experimental platform, and has been made with the love and support of Ravenland, and the Ravencoin Community as a whole. RavenX hopes to help further imbue the new raven ethos, enabling the blockchain retail market that Ravenland is slowly creating on top of Ravencoin as a second layer.

The Ravencoin team at Ravencoin Meetup EU 2019 at Blockchain Expo Amsterdam @ RAI

It’s these guys above are the real hero’s… its these people in the community who inspire us and they know their subject so well, they help spread the message of our dream, a new non captive retail-market-audience in open source retail marketplaces. That’s what RavenX is about.

It is with our sincerest thanks and appreciation to people like these that projects like RavenX get built. It has taken blood and sweat to get our business to this point and we invite you to join us along the way; and we’d ultimately like to sell common equity of the business via an STO when we feel that the time is right, for the purpose of expanding upon our idea of an Open Source Retail Platform powered by Ravencoin and bitcoin ledger.

We’d like to personally thank Tron Black and Bruce Fenton, Andrey Patceev, and all the people in the Ravencoin #nest community like Real Bokito, Hardman and Eddy and Jeroz for all their efforts to make people feel welcome. Most important of all, you guys are helping Ravencoin be bird it deserves to be!

#thenest guys , this one is for you.


Presently signups, deposits and withdrawals are live. If all goes well. RavenX will open Admin Asset Token listings abilities to users which should go live sometime tomorrow (24th July 2019). KAWW!

Cheers &
Best wishes,
Adam + Andrey from RavenX

Hey Guys! Some important notes from the RavenX team.

Important Note 1: For the first day (23rd July 2019) we will defer new listings for admin assets being sold. We will only accept signups, withdraws and deposits for this duration of testing, whilst we complete the final test stage for the alpha of the ravenX software.

Important Note 2: Although RavenX is already capable of exchanging asset tokens for RVN (as this works the same way that admin assets are sold), we will not offer RVN to RVN assets pairs until we have completed our legal discovery and reached at least the beta version. We are presently in early alpha.

Important Note 3: If all goes well. Admin Asset Token listings abilities to users should go live tomorrow. Presently we are accepting signups to the exchange only, and deposits/withdrawals only.

Raven Man Bull

Written by

Adam has been using Linux for over 20 years. A Rackspace trained Openstack engineer & software engineer, heads Ravenland’s Software Engineering retail platform.

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