A Midsummer Night’s Dream: The Wonderland Connectiveness of Instagram Culture

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,

And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”

― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I LOVE Instagram !!!

Of all the current Social Media Platforms that are available, it was Instagram that I chose to call my home. In a period of time were I was seeking a place to belong, Instagram welcomed me, my creativity and my voice. It beckoned me to come and be questioned, challenged and inspired by its beautiful gaze. It gave me a special piece of the hope, faith and love that I desired and longed for in an online world.

I spent a year searching for an online home, a place where I could be myself, a place to rest online. Instagram was that place for me, a visual heaven where my creativity could be freely expressed. I know that I am one of thousands of people who feel this way so it doesn’t surprise me that Instagram is gaining popularity and is rapidly expanding.

One of the BEST things about Instagram is that it feels so comfortable and visually thrilling, it’s like you are in another world entirely at times. It has this gravitation that is so refreshing and so I have thoroughly enjoyed having my online vacation home here, yet for some reason there is a piece of me that can’t seem to quite unpack in my new home.

So far what I have observed about Instagram as a platform is that it visualizes three main things; beauty, success and life with at its peak the beauty of a successful life. It creates a wonderland experience by utilizing “perfect” visually stimulating images to invoke happiness, bliss, peace, comfort, stability, excitement, joy etc. from its users.

In this kind of world of unending chaos, disorder and confusion, Instagram provides a valuable service of encouragement, excitement and escape for people.

However, as with every Social Platform there is still a lot of space where it’s foundation can be expanded.

In this dedicated endeavor there are three major areas in which I would like to question, challenge and inspire. This being for the purpose of the re-imagination and transformation of its culture of visualization, vocalization and verification.

As a culture, we have a deep obsession with the escapism of beautification. This is the fuel of desire that has created the “selfie”, “wanderlust” and “product placement” visualization culture that masks the ocean of ugliness that our shame desperately attempts to continuously hide.

Truthfully, we are drowning in ugliness! We feel ugly, our relationships are ugly, our environments are ugly, our cities are ugly, our county is ugly, our world is UGLY! And we are still trying to COVER IT UP!

We hide behind the escape of beautification because we want to believe in a world without UGLY, and I totally get it! There are times when everything is so ugly, you NEED a clear visual message to tell your imagination, HEY there is a WHOLE other world out there for you to SEE! There are so many wonderful things, people and places for you to BEHOLD!

So I truly think in this retrospect, Instagram serves an EXTREMELY dire and needed service! I want it to grow, to flourish, to be transformed and re-imagined to serve us more fully! This is my online HOME, and I desire for it to be as beautiful as it can be, which is for this very reason that I CANNOT completely abandon the UGLY!

Disconnecting from the Ugly that exists creates the Denial of Beauty that exists in it !

Though it is very hard to connect with, there is Beauty hidden in the Ugly that NEEDS to be seen! The reason we cannot connect with this type of beauty is because our shame is disconnecting us from our satisfaction.

We NEED to know that beyond our shame of the ugliness we are in and are surrounded by, is the endless beauty of being satisfied in our weakness.

As a culture we also have a high objectification of the perfection of successfulness. This is the heartstring of our diligent creative instrument that has created the “motivational quote”, “success life” “millionaire mindsetvocalization that obscures the mountain of not enoughness that our guilt fiercely attempts to continuously run from.

Truthfully, we are weighed down in heaviness! We feel inadequate, limited and flawed in our accomplishments, achievements, responsibilities, identity, passion, purpose, calling, mission and assignment! We feel like we can never compensate for the overwhelming lack in our lives and we are still RUNNING FROM IT!

We run to the perfection in successfulness because we want to believe in our ability, capacity and aptitude to be Enough and More than Enough! And I am there with you! There are pieces of ourselves that are so broken and distorted we feel as so we’re worthless, so we NEED to hear the voice of a clear visual message to tell our conceptual perspective, HEY we are MORE than what is wrong with us!

There is so much more to us that we are, and for us to become!

For this reason success cannot be our only goal! We need to place importance on the journey and not just the destination!

Disconnection from our not enoughness in our inadequacies, limitations and flaws that exists creates a Distrust of the Success that exists!

Though it is very hard to connect, there is Success in the person of Not Enough that NEEDS to be heard! The reason we cannot connect with this type of success is because our guilt is disconnecting us from our freedom.

We NEED to understand that beneath our guilt of not enough we are in and are surrounded by is the endless success of being free in our imperfection.

Lastly, as a culture we also have a wide opportunity of the feeling of stimulation. This is the pursuit of aligned expression that has created the “follower”, “like” “comment” verification that covers the forest of numbness that our condemnation furiously attempts us to continuously freeze from.

Truthfully, we are empty in dullness! We feel apathetic, indifferent, careless, unconcerned, hopeless, discouraged, disappointed and detached! We feel like we cannot engage, belong, be apart, understand, express, overcome and we are still FROZEN FROM IT!

We freeze until a feeling of stimulation comes because we need to feel attached, secure, wanted, attended to, valued, validated that we are Significant and I understand!

There are aspects of our soul that are so disrupted, disconnected and disordered that we feel as though we are irrelevant, so we NEED to hear the voice of a clear visual message to tell our behavioral attitude, HEY we MATTER, we EXIST, we BELONG!!!

Disconnection from our numbness in our indifference, apathy and detachment that exists creates a Disdain of the Feeling that exists!

Though it is very hard to connect, there is feeling in the period of Numbness that NEEDS to be understood! The reason we cannot connect with this type of feeling is because our condemnation is disconnecting us from our pleasure.

We NEED to believe that behind our condemnation of numbness we are in and are surrounded by is the endless feeling of pleasure in our fragility.

I write this to say to the Instagram Community,

I am with you, I see you in your weakness !

I believe in you, I hear you in your imperfection !

I empathize with you, I understand you in your fragility !


Beyond the Shame of Weakness

Beneath the Guilt of Imperfection

Behind the Condemnation of Fragility



“If we shadows have offended,
Know but this and all is mended.
That you have but slumbered here,
While these visions did appear,
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding, but a dream.”

William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream