The Dance of Death

I think I can come up with a better title…images or a comic will also be coming soon!

He walks into a ballroom, dimly lit. Everyone around him: masked. The music: hypnotic, as if some sort of dark lullaby. The scenery was lively, excluding the heavy downpour of rain and loud crashes of thunder outside. He finally came across his partner and just as he reached for her hand, the lights went out. The gasps fell like dominoes, as if one was a cue for another to drop. The space around him emptied and he felt as if he couldn't feel the presence of his partner any longer; he was right.

They managed to light candles but his lover was nowhere in sight. Gone without a trace. Nobody seemed to notice but him, they even acted as if they had never seen her before. How can this be? He stumbled around in confusion, looking about for his missing counterpart, having no luck. Having been the only one without a mask on made it seem as if he was surrounded by masked dolls, all spinning so gracefully, rapidly blurring. No longer being able to handle the swift army of one, he decided to check the hallways beyond the ballroom.
"This place looked smaller on the outside," he thinks to himself. He searched beyond many hallways and corridors until it appeared that he himself was also going in circles. Having no more hope left within him, he decided it was time to give up, but just as he was he noticed a door with a light emitting from behind it unlike the others. He decided to explore it, only to find himself in a cold room due to the drafts blowing in from the windows which were presumably left open prior to the storm. "Maybe I should close them," he thought, and that he did.

As he closed the windows, he heard footsteps racing along the hallway towards the room where he was located. "Could that be her?" he thought. He turned around to see a masked gentleman claiming to have seen her. He waved for him to follow, and he did so.
Just as he realized that the masked figure wore the same exact outfit as him, he saw his lover in the center of the ballroom, suddenly darker as a few candles were blown out. The masked figures were circled around her and left an opening for him to join her. Her voice startled him asking for a dance. Just as he grabbed for her hand yet again, this time successful, he began to feel as if the life were being drained out of him as they began to dance around in the circle in which they were allowed by the those surrounding them.

He saw the masked figure that led him there remove mask, now smirking at him while wearing his face. He then walked off, his laughter echoing in the distance. It began to look as if the masked figures were inching toward them, creating a feeling of claustrophobia. It soon looked as if their eyes all had a faint glow of red, within the empty eye sockets of their masks. Eventually he realized it was the same for his partner as well, only that with her, everything went black.
I look down into a ballroom, dimly lit and smile to myself thinking, "Another job well done." I watched as the lightning struck, the flicker of the lights followed by an outage. The gasps in a symphonic rythm. The revival of the light source, then replaced by candlelight. And in the center of it all lay my victim, his partner grieving, begging him to wake up yet it is far too late for that. I exited the mansion without being seen. I then disappeared off into the night, nobody knowing I was ever here.

The End.