The sparking power of this raging storm
turned pale, milky flesh to crimson cheek.
A ragged figure loudly stirs, twice born; 
he finds the lure of silent passing weak.
His form perfection, a statue hand-sewn
by fair science and my struggle to prove
that dead strained sinew and broken bone, 
by foul nature took and turned from love, 
can be repaired and gently move once more.
This Adam screams in naked agony, 
I feel the birth pangs, like no one before, 
no sting or cut to cloud my mind, only
a pure empathy for my fellow man.
I vow to stay and do all that I can.

A beast I have made, not angel, more fiend, 
his large thrashing limbs promise to bring
a ruinous end to delicate scheme.
I struggle to see myself in this thing
but monstrous eyes stare back, full of hate.
I run toward the door, fear guides my feet, 
but hampers hand. The red demon escapes
his metal womb as sweat-soaked fingers keep
my flight at bay. His long legs falter fresh
and stumble, enough to steady my hand, 
in time I close the door, the angry thresh
of manacled man, escape unplanned.
My heartbeat sunders breast as sorrow drifts
from lips I shaped but never tender kissed.

‘Abandoned and helpless, no true language
to speak. Afraid, I started, but soon feared
I became. A stitch devil, shapeless phage
of sorrow, plainly, my aspect was dear
to none. I learned my lessons well, despite
neglect and ill-will; words came with favour
through broken teeth and cleft palate, a quite
unlikely end to a butcher’s labour.
A true companion all I wanted, 
but you denied me my right, twisted hard
the dull knife between you and I. Haunted, 
I came to haunt you in return. The shard
left broken in my soft core, I tore out, 
and came to find vengeance in your redoubt.’

I can’t recount the night in full, the pain
is too great, suffice to say, he fulfilled
his oath; my love will never breathe again.
I resolved that moment, he must be killed.
The beast was bold, he travelled swiftly north, 
a trail of tales in tow; a glimpse of his
cruel nature in stolen lives stretched forth
from Ingolstadt to ice-frosted abyss.
The barque was cold, the captain colder. Soon 
it vanished, distant before sun set at last.
No food, save one last meagre meal, each spoon
tasted of days and memories long past, 
better times; each sip poisoned by sorrow, 
the hope I held, had fled ‘fore the morrow.

I knew he would find me, here near my pyre.
The aurora was shining when he came, 
a brilliant corona of pale sapphire
and teal. A fur cloak bound misshapen frame, 
sat north of flaming lumber. His scarred
features wreathed in fire, he dared me to speak, 
to recognise my shape in his. So far, 
so long, the silence stood. I saw him shake, 
his face was lined with ice-bound tears. Too late
to care for him, my own hard heart smothered, 
the fire could not thaw us to escape our fate, 
frozen apart in spite of the other.
Two souls entwined, to deny brings defeat, 
when self-made man and absent maker meet.

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