Have hashtags killed activism?
Charles Zhu

Hashtags, and other forms of internet activism, haven’t necessarily killed activism in and of itself.

They can help long-term by bringing awareness that otherwise wouldn’t be brought to the fore. The more conscientious among us would learn something new, maybe even dig deeper to learn more and discover something. Lies and groupthink exposed. Solutions not considered till then. Furthermore, especially since this election, many are relying on the internet for their news as opposed to MSM, who is actually owned by about 5–6 corporations with their own agenda and aren’t to be trusted, IMO.

But not all of us are, I’ll admit it. Just as many merely take a peek out of curiosity then go back to cat videos, porn or whatever else has their attention that second. And that’s the ones who bother to look.

I agree that hashtag activism — internet activism as a whole — isn’t enough, not by itself. But it’s one more tool, if used wisely and well, in a activist’s arsenal. Our next step is to take that action offscreen and into the streets and our communities. THAT’S the long game we need to keep in mind.

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