I need to vent. Part 1

I’ve been trying to stay as neutral as possible but it’s getting harder to accomplish now that several Bernie Sanders groups on FB have pretty much "turned to the Dark Side" as one user put it.

Again, I’m at the point that I’m not going to worry about who’s eventually going to be president. The President is only as effective as Congress, the House and the Senate will allow. Look at Obama. He was a reasonably popular president who STILL got blocked at mostly every turn because Congress wasn’t going to let him have his way.

(To reiterate from a previous piece: For those voting Red or Blue out of principle, or because the candidates in question represent their interests, I’ll leave you to it. I’m not here to argue with you if your mind’s made up and your conscience is clean.)

THAT said, I'm voting for #JillStein2016 so I can:

1. Help continue to keep the ball rolling on making third-party candidacy increasingly popular AND pragmatic. Roughly 43%, perhaps MORE, of us are Independents or Non-Affiliated, and we need to start voting as such. As Progressives, it’s time to vote our conscience, our values, our issues.

2. Lesser-evilism is killing us as a nation of the People, by the People and for the People. Every time we vote against our fears rather than FOR what we want as citizens, we get more of the same, and worse. And I’m not happy with either side of that corrupt coin that’s been foisted upon us for decades now. More in a bit.

3. Mostly, I genuinely love Jill's platform. I find her values and issues closely align with Bernie's, and exceed them.Why succumb to the lesser-evilism that’s killing us as a nation, when we can vote our conscience? Our climate? Our values? Our rights as workers and citizens?

You can call it idealism, but it took idealists, dreamers and optimists who were passionate enough in their convictions to fight to end Jim Crow, to get women the Vote, to end child labor and improve the lot of our labor force. And more.

With enough Independents and Greens behind Jill (don’t let the MSM polls fool you, we are growing daily!) not only are we changing the political conversation, she — who knows? — may very well be able to win the Presidency. I’m not holding my breath, as this is now the long game, but stranger things have happened, and this has been a VERY strange election year. [End Part 1]