I need to vent. Part 2: NOW To Business.

As I continue from my last piece, I want to touch back on Lesser-evilism again. From where I stand, it has perpetuated the problems we have and stifled the ability to come up with new solutions or revisit wonderful older ideas that could help us, as the American People, change things for the better.

See, the most important thing I learned from this election (and from looking back at the ones that came before, with fresh eyes) is that Lesser-evilism has only gotten us MORE of what we fear.

MORE war-mongering
MORE poverty, this time a widening of the divide between rich and poor, and a disappearing middle class. 
MORE debt, personal and nationwide. 
MORE division along imaginary lines of class, race, gender, religion and affiliation (among others) that only serve to divide us up, that we might finally be conquered by those who oppress us. 
Voting out of fear of what we don't want has backfired, time and time again. 
Same shit, different day. SSDD, if one is to be polite.

SO.....how about let's stop doing that? How about we stop doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results?

VOTE your values. 
VOTE your issues. 
VOTE your conscience. 
VOTE for the greater good of not just our country, but the world!

The time has come for US to be our own saviors. WE the American People HAVE to organize and stand together, no matter who we are or where we're from, to make that change happen!

I know it's a radical idea. It scared me for years, as I was one of many who fell for the spoiler myth myself. (Sorry, Mr Nader. I will NOT make that mistake again.) When you only know two choices most of your adult life, it can be difficult to entertain a third. But here's the catch:

The limited presentation of choices? It was limited for a reason, for the last roughly FOUR decades now. It was all a façade to keep the People in line, productive and quiet. That way they --- by whom I mean Wall Street, the corporations, and their MSM puppets --- could carry on, business as usual.

The truth? Currently we are technically an oligarchic corporatocracy. The 1% not only has more wealth and pays less than the rest of us, they're the ones running our government. We no longer elect our leaders, THEY SELECT them.

This MUST end. And breaking up the Duopoly is where we start. Red and Blue are only KoolAid colors, not ways we should live. With over 324 million people in our country, Team Red and Team Blue --- as a concept, let alone as accurate representation --- seems awfully simplistic.

We have to think beyond elections, important though they may be, because true change, systemic change, comes from the ground up.

We cannot count on the structure in place to make true systemic change happen, for that same structure is part and parcel of those instigating and perpetuating the problem. (For those like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who are willing to try to work within the system in place, God bless them for it, but here is where my guarded optimism fails me.)

NO, not our elected leaders, no matter their power.
Not from heroes, no matter their strength.

It's US. Grassroots all the way. 
NO matter how long it takes. 
NO matter how much it hurts

Remember, it was, is, and always will be about the Movement, not the Man. I miss him too. But now, #ItsInOurHands.