I wish I truly knew.

What happened in my parents' day

What is truly going on now…..

What will be.

Would that all of us searching souls have intrinsic, hereditary memory like our forebears.

Would that all of us have clairvoyance, instinct and regard for what could be.

But that doesn’t truly exist. Not in the manner in which we would like.

All one CAN do is learn from one’s history. Gather, process and ascertain from the present. As MUCH as humanly possible.

But regarding the future…..

Let’s be the change we wish to see. Let’s be the more diligent, the ones who see the forests for the trees, those who would act in defense of what we hold dear and in offense against what would harm it. Read, watch, seek, and press forward with said knowledge.

Fear not the past for it is past.

Fear not the future, for it is beyond our control. Directly.

We ARE the now. The present. Right fucking here.

I’ll get back to you when there is better that we can build upon.