Let’s. Be. Better.

Say you hate Trump with every fibre of your being. Your friend voted for him. Both of you care about wage inequity.

Work together on THAT.

Say you’re a proud PP contributor/volunteer. Your friend is pro-life. You agree that funding for foster parents is lacking.

Work together on THAT.

Say you’re a #blacklivesmatter activist with a friend who’s into the #bluelivesmatter movement. You agree that reform on both sides is the way to bridging the gap, and that real bullets should be the last resort.

Work together on THAT.

Say you’re a die-hard progressive with a friend who is Bible-belt conservative. You agree on the fact that our electoral system is sorely lacking objective, unbiased operation, and is funded by corporations interested in buying — I mean voting — THEIR preference.

Work together on THAT.

Sometimes, the enemy of one’s enemy is an ally. Even if only for a while. The People have more commonalities than differences, believe it or not. The trick is discerning the difference between your values and the ones the Powers That Be want you to have.

We the People want true equity. Equal wages no matter the “race,” gender, religion, or bad tastes in music.

We the People want true recognition for ourselves as-is. Ivy-Leaguers should start at the same line as those who struggle, and may the best man win.

It’s not about one issue. It’s about the issue(s) that unite us all. It’s not going to be so simple as laying a few landmines and praying for the best.

It’s a squadron in Sicily. It’s a battalion in Nice. It’s a regiment in Somerset. It’s a brigade in D.C.

But working together as one unit.

One unit for humanity. Let’s make it happen.

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