Too late. As Senator McCain (R-AZ) has observed, Russian interference with the American election…

One more TIME. The DNC info was leaked, likely by someone on the inside, working for the DNC. The Russians didn’t hack a damn thing. There is currently NO credible, let alone actionable, evidence that they did so.

Many are confusing or conflating this with Guccifer, who is actually Romanian, and his actions:

“In May 2016—one month after being extradited to the U.S., and while jailed in Virginia awaiting trial—Guccifer claimed to have repeatedly hacked Hillary Clinton’s email server. This claim occurred in the midst of an ongoing FBI probe of Clinton’s use of a private email server while serving as United States Secretary of State. Lehel claimed that the server was "like an open orchid on the Internet" and that "it was easy ... easy for me, for everybody."

Lehel provided no proof of his claim, and U.S. investigators found no evidence to support the claim. U.S. officials have also said that if Lehel had obtained information from Clinton’s servers, he would have publicly released such information, as he did when he obtained access to other high-profile individuals, such as Sidney Blumenthal and George W. Bush.” — from Wikipedia

I don’t watch Fox News and I trust them as much as CNN (translation: NOT at ALL). But if Hannity, a hack in his own right, is coming off as the voice of reason, we’re in trouble. Our own media, our own government, are spoiling to reignite the Cold War and the hysteria that comes with it. And all it will do is NOT only make things needlessly worse, but help Trump.

From Masha Gessen, a well-renowned Putin critic and one of the few clear heads in this morass:

“Trump is doing nothing less than destroying American democratic institutions and principles by turning the presidency into a profit-making machine for his family, by poisoning political culture with hateful, mendacious, and subliterate rhetoric, by undermining the public sphere with attacks on the press and protesters, and by beginning the real work of dismantling every part of the federal government that exists for any purpose other than waging war.

Russiagate is helping him—both by distracting from real, documentable, and documented issues, and by promoting a xenophobic conspiracy theory in the cause of removing a xenophobic conspiracy theorist from office.

I despise Trump as much as I do Clinton, so all of this stinks no matter what, but at least he was open and honest, from the get-go, about wanting better relations with Russia (Marcy Wheeler, Intercepted ep. 7) .

The enemy of our enemy can be our ally. We don’t have to be friends.

Aside from that, given the current administration we have, we as Americans need to focus on what we CAN fix, and Democrats need to stop creating problems where there ARE none in order to deflect blame from themselves.

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