What liberal scolds fail to realize is that the never-ending chorus of lazy Trump/Russia mania doesn’t actually undermine Trump: it’s just preaching to the already-incensed choir. It fortifies Trump’s critique of the media as incorrigibly and hysterically antagonistic toward him, and it funnels legitimate energy into a rabbit hole of stupidity. The only person who profits from this is Trump
A Disaster In The Making: The Long-Term Consequences Of Russia Hysteria
Michael Tracey

This is exactly what I’ve been trying to explain to friends and colleagues. The Dems are willing to risk re-igniting the Cold War and giving the Deep State (yes, it exists, N.Y.Times, get over yourself) more power, in order to deflect blame from themselves and avoid fixing their OWN problems. Plus, war makes money, be it Cold or hot.

Wake up, guys. Maybe read a few Intercept articles. The CIA is NOT your friend.

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