What “Progressive" Means To Me, And Why We Need To Get Past Labels. (2)

[When I use the term “progressive”, it’s not a political label, but rather I refer to the better part of human nature. You know, doing unto others as we would have done unto us? (Matthew 7:12) Wanting better for others who aren’t as fortunate as ourselves? You get the idea. SO…..]

As I mentioned in my first piece, I’m done with being on anyone’s team. It’s not about loyalty. Loyalty has nothing to do with actual labels. Don’t confuse loyalty with clique-style exclusivity. Y’all are familiar enough with the Good Samaritan parable, right? OK.

  • If you believe in making sure everyone gets a seat at the table, AND a slice of pie to boot, no matter what they look like; who/what they worship, if at all; where they come from; who they vote for; who they love; what bathroom they use; and no matter how big their paycheck is? That’s social justice you’re fighting for, and I’m with you.
  • If you believe that the Earth, though rich in resources, is finite (has a shelf life and limited supply); that we need to preserve and care for what we have; that climate change, especially the man-made kind, threatens those resources; and that WE the American People are stewards, caretakers, of those resources and their beneficiaries, be they fowl, fish, mammal, OR human, and must act accordingly? That’s environmental protection, and I’m with you.
  • If you believe that it’s time for the 1% to pay their share, given that they reap the rewards of the labor of the 99%, and were bailed out at the cost, in multiple ways, of the American People; that we would no longer have to foot the bill for such corporate malfeasance; that equal work deserves equal pay; that corporations are NOT people; if you believe Glass-Steagall needs to be an amendment and forever part of economic policy; if you believe that true economic growth starts NOT from the top down but the ground up, and that regulations regarding that be in accordance? My friend, you believe in economic reform, and I’m with you.
  • If you believe that every voice of, by and for the American People deserves a vote; that NO corporation should pretend to represent even one individual of the American People; that all elections should be publicly and openly funded; that overly restrictive voting laws should be repealed; that hand-counted paper ballots (by mail or otherwise) are sorely needed; and that public funding, NOT corporate influence, offers a level playing field, that’s election reform. I’m with you.

In effect, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Especially regarding the things like what I mentioned above, in addition to the TPP — an even MORE horrible idea than NAFTA — that affects all the things we hold dear.

I don’t give a fuck who you’re voting for in November. I DO give a fuck about the issues you’re voting for. I’ll get into those soon enough.

Little things are just that in comparison.

If you’re Green and with me on Second Amendment rights, I’ll help you out.

If you’re Libertarian and concerned about the environmental crisis we’re facing, count me in.

If you’re Democrat, and worried about #blacklivesmatter, I’m on your side.

If you’re Republican and want to stop the TPP, I’m there.

(YES there ARE.)

Stop worrying about labels. Start worrying about our country. THAT’S what’s at stake.

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