Invisible Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

The original Secret World Tree resides in Ashland, Oregon

Today is the first day of February’s Care of Creatures storyspinning game. 28 Creatures are standing at the threshold between the visible and the invisible world. They are going to do one of two things:

1) STOP YOU from entering into the Invisible World if you aren’t ready to enter.
2) GUIDE YOU into the Secret Storyworld if you prove that you ARE ready.

The Secret Invisible Storyworld is comprised of powerful energies that we can use to write the world. Inspiration. Imagination. Love.

Inspiration is pure Spiritual Energy that take the form of a Big Idea and the Quest to materialize it in the Visible World. This energy is most easily accessed through the top of the head. Some call this the crown chakra.

Imagination is pure Mental Energy used to blue print a path from our Big Ideas into their realization in the Visible World. This energy is generally accessed in the middle of the forehead, aptly called the third eye.

And Love is pure Heart Energy that syncs us up with all of the Invisible and Visible World Creatures so we have all the help we need on our Quests. This energy is accessed through the throat and heart centers.

These powerful invisible energies are used to shape our visible world. So its important that we are prepared for them.

There are invisible creatures, called Power Pets, that stand at the threshold between the Visible and Invisible World. These invisible guardians become guides if we prove we are ready. They determine our readiness by sharing their own invisible power. That power is Loving Kindness. Or as it is know in the Invisible World: LK.

LK Power help us to become Creature Keepers. Creature Keepers use their LK Power to make the Visible World a kinder place. More kindness in the world means that we work together to help all Creatures thrive.

Each day a new Creature will be found at the Secret World Tree.

The roots of the Secret World Tree grow deep into the earth to connect with all other trees and all the Root Creatures. The Root Creatures bring LK powers to share with family and friends.

The trunk hollows of the Secret Storyworld Tree are home to the larger creatures who need more space to roam. The Trunk Creatures generate more Loving Kindness toward yourself. I

The Secret World Tree branchs are home to the flying creatures who spread LK to the world.

You may be wondering what invisible creatures you’ll be crossing paths with in the days ahead. For sure Lion, Tiger and Bear, each with their own LK Power to share. And the Lucky Lunar Animals too. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Rooster, Monkey, Dog and Pig have a special place in the Secret World Tree.

An entire pantheon of invisible creatures is waiting to guide you through the invisible realms to bring more Loving Kindness to the visible world.

But you don’t have to wait for your guardians to turn guides to get started. There is so much kindness in the roots of the Secret World Tree, this kindness spreads out to all the other trees. That is why possibly one of the best LK actions is to hug a tree. If you hug a tree long enough you fill up with kindness and can carry some of the kindness off to share.

We will explore all three of the Creature Realms in the days ahead. In the meantime, find a special Tree today and give it a good long hug.

-Take a 28 day pledge to create a Loving-Kindness (LK) month.
-Complete one LK Mission each day (you can use the Care of Creatures LK Mission or complete a LK Mission of your own choosing. There are many to choose from.)
-One LK action you can take every day is to listen to the Care of Creatures LK Meditation.




Reader, Writer, Creator in the Secret Storyworld. I’m on a mission to Write the World through 30-day Storygames. Join me!

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Raven Witch

Raven Witch

Reader, Writer, Creator in the Secret Storyworld. I’m on a mission to Write the World through 30-day Storygames. Join me!

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