CAT 2015: 1 day exam policy; does it surely create any impact; specialist view

The favorable impact which the single day 2 session Common Admission Test (CAT) 2015 on November 29, 2015 would make on test takers could be understood by the fact that freshers, working professionals as well as the mentors all have welcomed the move alike.

No doubt whether the proactive step is going to be great for CAT 2015 aspirants or would create more difficulties to them became a popular debated issue after release of exam notification by IIM Ahmedabad on July 26, 2015, the specialists after assessing the pros and cons have found the statement for 1 day 2 session CAT MBA 2015 more aspirant friendly .

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Pros also concur on this particular point and find CAT 2015 going to be more aspirant friendly and see that the exam would reduce the operational and technical glitches to bare minimum amount, will further strengthen score normalization procedure as well as the nominees will not need to stay anxious while speculating and expecting what would seem in future sessions of CAT 2015 exam.

Prof S K Agarwal, expert on Verbal Ability and mentor on CAT 2015 preparation is of the opinion that the shortest testing window in CAT 2015 will have more favorable consequences as during few days between the first and fourth session in CAT keep the candidates tenses and get them theorize on inconsequential the kind of questions, instead of focusing on their studies.

In fact they have already prepared well and are fresh in their strategy and well equipped how to try the exam. Awaiting the few more days after first 2 sessions and lingering on, may take them away from their preparation strategy as they start searching for the type and what could be expected. A number of the preparation centers also add fuel to the fire instead of keeping them cool and motivated. Accordingly the single day exam with no technical issues could end up being beneficial in the interest of the aspirants and IIMs both.

More aspirant friendly CAT

In view of the pros CAT 2015 may prove to be more aspirant favorable than earlier CAT exams as CAT 2015 test taker is free from scheduling the test date and session selecting the test date that is most convenient. No conjecture has to be made, since there would be just 2 evaluation sessions on the testing day.

The long nightmares get the best and suitable date as per the suitability during the more testing window and when to schedule the test are over. Aspirants will get the information regarding session and their evaluation website from the CAT 2015 exam center following the final date of registration. Candidates now must concentrate on groundwork more while scheduling of test is going to be cared for by the CAT 2015 convening IIM Ahmedabad.

Different paper place with similar type of questions

The main benefit that CAT 2015 test takers will have with 1day exam is that although CAT 2015 will have 2 distinct sets of Test forms in 2 sessions but will keep similar level of difficulty across the exam.

The CAT 2015 convening IIM, IIM Ahmedabad, suggests to ensure fairness and equity in the exam by comparing the performances of the candidates across different evaluation sessions.

Move to get rid of score normalization problems

1 day, 2 sessions, same type of questions, same pattern and same exam composition are what CAT 2015 has in store for the aspirants. No more calculation is needed to evaluate what appeared and when during the 40 separate sessions, what is the difficulty level through each session and the way the score for each session could and CAT assessment agency and IIM would normalizes each day for such assessment window that was long.

Normalization and cAT 2015 grading is proposed to be thoroughly transparent. The problem amount through all the 2 sessions is anticipated to stay the same as occurred in CAT 2013 which attracted court cases on normalization issue and normalization and the grading of scores will hopefully not create an issue in CAT Exam 2015.

The scores of the nominees shall be subjected to a process of Normalization. The Normalization procedure to be executed shall adjust for location and scale differences of score distributions across distinct kinds. After normalization across different kinds the scores shall be further normalized across different sections and the scaled scores obtained via this process shall be transformed into percentiles for purposes of shortlisting.

For purposes of reporting, Scaled Scores for every section (Section I: Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Section II: Data Interpretation and Plausible Reasoning (DILR) and Section III: Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VRC) and Total along with the Percentiles shall be published by IIM Ahmedabad.

No leave demand

CAT has been a favored test for working people as more and more working executives appear in CAT every year. No leave will be required to be applied for, by these working professionals who plan as the exam is proposed on Sunday November 29, 2015, to appear in CAT 2015. If you need to bell the CAT in 2015 and are preparing well, it’s a great chance as there might not be edition in difficulty amount in both of the 2 sessions in CAT 2015.

No long travelling: 37 more Testing Cities

CAT 2015 will be held in 136 cities with 650 testing venues instead of 99 testing cities and 354 testing venues in CAT 2014. This will help the candidates to choose for one of the most preferred test cities and the aspirants may get the test city that might be their home town or very near to it. They may not have to travel to the test city a couple of days before the exam, spend night in some hotel, discover the transport options to the testing site a day before the exam. Not only this, candidates certainly will have additional time to dedicate on study rather than travelling and would save on their expenses.

Women nominees: Unique arrangement

The single day CAT 2015 with 650 testing websites throughout the country will offer the closest to the favourite city assessment place to girl nominees. With the objective due to which they typically don’t appear in the exam that girls nominees shouldn’t face any irritation on travel and waste time, particular arrangement was made by CAT Centre 2015 to allot the women candidates the testing center in the city. It’s going to help more women candidates take the exam and to enroll for CAT 2015
Single day exam: More foil

From way back its computerization in 2009, CAT has been watching more technical difficulties. As such the demand for more transparency in the exam about the assessment of amount of difficulty through the testing window; technical dilemma in the beginning or during the exam causing anxiety among test takers influencing their performance degree; Assessment of lost time when system got stalled during the exam; grading pattern among others has been on rise. Past CAT exams due to many of these difficulties had to face legal complications also.

In view of the pros, it’s been a good choice by IIM Ahmedabad to put back CAT to its pristine glory and keep it as single day test. With a well devised groundwork strategy candidates appearing in CAT 2015 may find the exam accessible and more transparent.

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