Now, It Only Takes Up An Hour A Week

I spend my days dreaming of different businesses to create. And what stops me from doing all of them is simple; My Five Year Rule.

Think Replace, Not Remove

As a kid, my first dabble into caffeine was when my family would line up six cups on the kitchen counter. The kettle was switched on.

We would use one tea bag for all six cups; mom and dad getting the strong stuff (well deserved), while…

Think Subtraction, Not Addition

It was 2018, and I am a chronic goal-setter. I shook my head sadly at my yearly goal list, and scratched out each one — one by one. My marriage was over, so that was painfully off the list. My finances, thanks to my delightfully expensive…

Having These Small Steps Will Help

You know one of the biggest money decisions you can make? It’s picking the right life-partner.

I didn’t make the right pick, and it cost me. A decade of my life, 2 businesses, 2 homes and $106,249 .00— to be exact. Ouch. …

Great Pub-Quiz Trivia Below

Before Coronavirus, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what the difference was between an Epidemic and a Pandemic. I am a Nurse, an Advanced Public Health Practitioner and used to work for the UK’s National Public Health Team. A legit Public Health Expert.


Don’t Make The Same Mistakes I Did

Airbnb has been one of the greatest introductions to business that I could have ever been given. As a nurse, with no knowledge or understanding of this new economy, I was so scared to start my first listing.

What if this fails? What…

What SURPRISED ME During Isolation

I remember it vividly; like a moment from film — slowed down, multiple camera angles and an epic, soaring soundtrack.

My Dad, from across the room, grinning sheepishly at me (16 years old), as I come into our family home and wave my newly minted…

A Story About Self-Worth

Over the past two years, I’ve finalised an awful divorce, been crushed by a van on my bicycle and have had a Doctor tell me I have an autoimmune disease. I’ve overcome all of them, with the help of something I didn’t have before: SELF-WORTH.


Sometimes Addition Means Subtraction

If you never wake up rested, cannot make it through your day without hair falling out, feel like you cannot gain momentum or your body doesn’t self-heal itself quickly, then this lifehack series is for you.

Check Out My Schedule Below

I spent so much time avoiding routines; using the excuse that I’m never in the same place long enough, or that I never know when I’m going to move.

That hasn’t been true for a long time now, but it’s the story I was telling…

Ravi Jaipaul ★ RN, MSc

Finding A Personal Life Practice Through Experiments & Never Ending Curiosity. Founder of Yoke Wellness — Wellness Made Simple —

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