How to use Google Drive as a Free Web Hosting

Website’s are in boom now days in the world. Many people are looking for free web hosting services, there are several web hosting companies that provide free web hosting.

Google also published this feature for free and easy to use.

All you need to do is store your HTML, CSS, JavaScript and image files into a public folder and then set the folder’s sharing settings to “Public on the web”, so everyone can access it. I believe that using Google Drive as a free web hosting should be more reliable since your site will get served through Google’s own data centers. you can use it for showing website demo’s to your clients.

Here i am going to show you some easy steps to host your website in Google Drive…

Step 1

Simply type to your browser url bar and hit enter, then click go to google drive button in the center of the web page.

Step 2

Now Login to your Google Drive account with your gmail id, Now click on New Button on your left side and select folder option then type your folder’s name and hit create button, Now you can see the folder is created.

Step 3

Right click upon your created folder and select share option, then go to the Advanced link down, please do not forget to copy your url id, now you can see there is a change link for change the viewing property of your folder click on it.

Step 4

Link Sharing window is there select first option that is On — Public on the Web, now save it and press done button. You are so close to finish this task.

Step 5

Now Double-click on your Folder, then right-click and upload your html, css, js files and folder’s wait for the uploading and you can also upload by dragging and dropping files your are almost done.

Step 6

Finally type copied id here, then hit enter.

Congrats you have done really good, you can see your website is running. You can add or edit your website directly from your Google drive, and yes can also use for making your URL short.

Thank you very much for reading.