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Role of Daifuku

Daifuku provides solutions that can help industry warehouses to optimally store and retrieve raw materials as well as the finished goods. AS/RS helps in maintaining the inventory of stored goods, managing the cost of the required goods. One can track the system and have the data of each item stored or retrieved from the system. Some of the advantages also include consolidating the stocks in the warehouses and controlling demand variation. Moreover, as consolidations of the warehouses happen, the volume per warehouse will go up drastically which will be difficult for a human to handle without committing errors.

Daifuku AS/RS system, a technology-based storing system, can prove beneficial in the long-term for the industries. It helps in providing improved service level at better costs in overall supply chains. AS/RS also helps in the rapid movement of goods in storing and retrieving. As the system is automated, it reduces the requirements of the workforce and increases safety.Also, AS/RS system helps in increase of productivity and accuracy levels.

The significant benefit of GST is that there are no multiple taxes and are brought under GST, relieving the burden on the industries. In the big picture, GST definitely has a positive impact on warehousing industry as well as manufacturing industries.

About Daifuku

Since 1937, Daifuku has been world-class Automated Materials Handling Company — conveying, storage, sorting, picking and controls. We have a global network of offices and subsidiaries that offer design, engineering, sales, installation and commissioning of an Automated Storage and Materials Handling System.

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