Trendspotters: Is Life Becoming a Subscription Service?

“Hell is empty, and the devils are here.”
— William Shakespere

The era of digitization is in full blossom since the inception of social media. These virtual outlets have become so threaded into the very neural knit of the fabric of our every day life- that to question it in the first place would be a idiosyncrasy or even considered abnormal behavior. When did it become so unfashionable or perverse to foster independent and creative thinking that opposes the norm?

Life as we know it in this era of digitization is rapidly escalating to a series of subscription services. Look at the movers. Subscription movies/shows — Netflix/Amazon/Hulu. Music? Spotify. News/Media? Youtube/every other news outlet now has a monthly fee to use their app or service. Taxi service?Uber and Lyft. Need somewhere to stay last minute? AirBnb and couchsurf. Hell, even cable/internet and cell phone services have become monopoly kings of the subscription world.

Why Pick and Choose?

Yes, we are living and breathing in a subscription service booming world. Look to L.A and you’ll know what I mean where start ups are producing cheap sunglasses and wrist watches where you can swap for customized designs with other people depending on your subscription fee. It doesn’t stop there. We now have Tie Swapping services as well as Dollar Shave Kits that are all jousting in a free for all for your subscriptions! Now we have apps that satiate your laziness by allowing you to send money to your friends so you aren’t inconvenienced by actually moving your ass to your local bank to write up a check.

The deception of low prices per week or month is the greatest con to todays bleary eyed and zombified consumer. They are so far down and addicted to this rabbit hole of subscribed items that for them to actually discern how much of their cash is going to what, they would rather sign up for another one, because HELL, WHY NOT???

When did it feel so good to throw away money at a nice pretty little bundle disguised as a colorful app on your smartphone? The fad spreads like wildfire by using you as a vehicle to tell your friends about it as the next hottest thing to do to make you seem cooler than you actually are.

You’ve been duped as the creators scoff at your naivety and childishness far off their sky line pent house porches. But don’t worry. They need you as much as you need them. That is the cycle of today’s millennial economy, think of it like a love hate relationship with a drug addict and their dealer.

Yet another unconscious and insidious lie that has been sold to you from the rise of social media and the globalized world. How far can this trend go? Will there be an app that lets us swap cars next? Or even names! Or how about religion? Maybe even kids or spouses or partners??? ;)

The list continues and the responsibility with the decisions regarding your actions is squarely on you.