20 Annoying Things About WordPress You Would Wish To Fix

There are many platforms for starting your blogging venture but each platform consists some odd things for which, people wish to fix easily.

WordPress is no new from them. There are many annoying things about WordPress which can brainstorm the beginners.

It’s considered as one of the best content management system in today’s era of online business. Though its tweaks can be easy yet hard for many.

In this article, you will learn about these annoying things and the solution to each.

The List of Things Which Can Annoy Many WordPress Users

In the past few years, I have elaborated how WordPress works and what are the things its users would wish to get fixed with simple steps.

Have you ever thought about something like this in your starting days? Let me start the list.

#1. Changing Username

#2. Keeping The Backup

#3. Changing Password Again And Again

#4. Renaming The Uncategorized Category

#5. The Struggle To Find The Right WordPress Plugin

#6. Getting More Control on WordPress Post Editor

By default, you don’t get as many options as you require to create a blog post worth reading. You need more tools to make an audit.

Well, the problem can be solved with the use one simple plugin. Install and activate WP-Edit plugin and you will get all the options for post formatting.


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