Fix Fatal Error: Maximum Execution Time Exceeded In WordPress

No doubt that a WordPress website is somehow overwhelming if you’re a techie person.

There are many common errors which can be seen from which, you can get a fatal error: maximum execution time exceeded.

It’s a type of error which occur when the default time execution limit exceeded.

Suppose you’re updating or installing a plugin and after a few seconds you receive an error message.

What would you do? If you’re thinking about your web hosting then you can’t run every time you face any problem.

The Reason To Get Such Fatal Error

WordPress is an amazing platform which consists mainly PHP codes. It’s plugins and themes are also coded in PHP.

You may see execution time exceeded error while updating or install a plugin. The same can happen while handing a WordPress theme.

And why do you get this error? Well, every web hosting has a script which has a fixed execution time limit for the PHP scripts.

It’s important to save their server. If you’re using a shared web hosting and you install a poorly coded plugin which takes so much time to get executed then it may conflict other users.

So they set an execution time and if the PHP scripts cross this limit then you receive such error.

Fixing this Error Using the .htaccess File

You just have to increase the execution time limit and it will get fixed. For different web hostings, the time limit will vary.

Some web hostings have 30 seconds limit whereas others have 60 seconds. Depending on this limit, you will receive the error message.

You have to edit the .htaccess file using your web hosting account.

Go to cPanel>>file manager>>root directory and search for the .htaccess file. If you’re using Yoast SEO plugin then you can edit it from your WordPress admin panel only.

There is another way using the FTP account.

Open it and add the code.


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