Get More LinkedIn Endorsements With These 11 Proven Tips

LinkedIn has become one of the best professional networks where people are getting their jobs, freelance projects and what not. There is a unique concept included in every LinkedIn user’s profile termed as endorsements.

Endorsements are one of the ways to check anyone’s creditability. There are millions of users on LinkedIn and it’s really hard to find out anyone to work for you.

Do you want to get more LinkedIn endorsements? But for what you want to get endorsed?

Well, on your profile, you can add the skills you have for what your followers, clients, can endorse you. You may have seen below every profile people with different skills like a blogger, SEO manager, social media management, WordPress etc.

The skill endorsements are like plus point to your profile so that your clients can know that you have proved your skills to many.

What are the Things You Should Do to Improve Your Profile’s Creditability

You may have seen the plus sign for every skill. That plus sign is used to endorse anyone for that particular skill.

Many people even have 99+ besides many skills. What’s that all about?

It means more than 99+ people have endorsed for that skill. It shows how skilled that person is. You can also get more LinkedIn endorsements by following these steps.

#1. Add Only Relevant Skills

One of the biggest mistakes people make to add multiple skills which aren’t even relevant to their work. LinkedIn allows 50 skills to add in a profile.

Just scroll down on your profile and you will see the endorsements’ section. Click on the “Add a new skill” link. A popup will open.

You will see the hints for the keywords you use. Suppose you add “social media”. It will show you social media manager, social media management, social media blogging etc.

You can choose the skill you have and click on the “Add” button. From now onwards, people will be able to endorse you for that skill.

#2. Put Your Best Skills at the Top

The best thing is that you can rearrange the order of the skills. It’s always recommended to place your best skills at the top so that people can recognize your skill at its best.

Just click on the edit pencil showing for the endorsements’ section. It will show all of your skills and a button to drag and drop.

Click on that button and rearrange your skills accordingly. It will help you achieve the better results.

If you’re a freelance writer, then add this skill at the top so that people can know about it. It will help you get your clients.

am a WordPress professional and that’s why I have added WordPress at the top of all. It gives a signal to my clients how many people I have served.

#3. Filter Your Skills Once in a While

You may get endorsed for the skills you don’t have. It’s important to remove those. While rearranging, you should check if someone has endorsed you for something you don’t even have an idea about.