How do So Many WordPress Plugins Slow Down Your Website

It’s always scary to see the poor loading time of your WordPress website. You may have heard that so many WordPress plugins slow down your website.

As you all know, WordPress reciprocatory is full of thousands of plugins which add functionality to your website.

The plugins make easy to run a successful WordPress website even for the non-techie people. But the problem occurs when your website speed is poor because of the plugins.

In this post, you will learn the reasons why so many WordPress plugins slow down your website and what’s the solution.

What’s the Working of WordPress Plugins?

If you have been using WordPress for a while then it wouldn’t be hard to understand that plugins are like add-ons which add extra features to your default WordPress installation.

You can add a widget, contact form, improve speed using a caching plugin, add an image in the sidebar and what not.

They get integrated with the WordPress core and help to fulfill the needs of every individual. Not everyone would want to add an image in the sidebar or show the recent posts.

So plugins are developed to give options to WordPress users.

How Can WordPress Plugins Slow Down Your Website?

There are many plugins which get integrated with the database of your website to do their work. Whenever you run that plugin, it adds its own tables in the database.

Depending on the working, others add the CSS and JavaScript files.

As most of the WordPress plugins use these files to showcase their design. Suppose you want to use the CommentLuv plugin for the comment section, it adds an image and the CSS to make it look good.

The thing is the more plugins you use, the number of CSS and JavaScript files will get increased which will directly affect your website’s speed.

It’s because the number of HTTP requests will increase and the browser will take more time to load your website.

And to boost your WordPress website performance, it’s always recommended to reduce HTTP requests. More CSS and JavaScript files lead to the poor page loading time.

Does that Mean You Should Avoid WordPress Plugins?

Nope, never think like that. After reading about the working of plugins, you may be thinking about not using them.

That’s the reason people ask how many plugins are too many. Well, it’s always mentioned that the number of plugins doesn’t matter, the poorly coded plugins do.

One poorly coded plugin can put the load as much as 1o or maybe 15 plugins.

The concept of using plugins and bad plugins is totally different. There are many reputed websites like WPBeginner which are using the plugins you can’t even except but still maintaining an amazing page loading time.

How to Find Out the Size of the Files Added by Plugins?

As mentioned before, the browser loads the CSS and JavaScript files added by plugins. You would be happy to know that you can monitor those files.


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