How I Gained 10000 LinkedIn Followers In A Few Months

It’s an amazing feeling when you look on the followers’ board and the round figure like 10K strikes it. LinkedIn is one of the biggest professional networks.

No doubt that social media has emerged to be the power source to get more exposure to your business. Whether you run a blog or any other online business, social signals matter.

That was a majestic feeling when I gained 10000 LinkedIn followers.

If someone ordinary like me can achieve such goal then why can’t you? We all have our goals and the best difference occurs in your approach.

The Things You Should Do To Achieve A Social Reputation.

I was asked to reveal my secrets of such a huge following. Well, in this article, you will learn all the actions which are required to be the one on LinkedIn.

#1. Consistency.

It’s not the first time you have heard this word. But what does it actually mean? Have you ever analyzed your activities which can relate to the term “consistency”?

“Success kisses those who know the value of consistency”

Suppose there are two guys trying to impress one girl. The first guy puts his efforts once a month and the other one brings new ideas to impress that girl every single day.

Who would be the prince charming of girl’s heart? Well, no one can deny that shiny face of the first guy.

Think your audience like a girl you want to impress. For millennials, that would be a kind of motivation. Youngsters’ testosterone can give them a push.

#2. Sharing Brings You Glory.

It’s all about how much you share others’ content. You can’t be just a user who is focusing on his/her own content. Your followers need attention from you.

Spread the love with open arms. Use your finger to press the left-click of your mouse to share.

“Sharing is caring”

There is no rocket science to boost your follower’s list without engagement. Like, share, comment to show that you care about your followers.

#3. Use Motivational Posts.

People need motivation and you can be that source, no one would stop getting connected with you.

Why do people follow Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other successful people? It’s because they sense a positive energy in their words.

Why don’t you use your own words to inspire others? I am not a great motivational speaker or anyone related but I know how to keep the harmony with my connections.


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