How Many WordPress Plugins are too Many for Your Website

What’s the exact number you shouldn’t cross? In the past few years, the numbers of WordPress websites have been increased which brings more questions.

To run a WordPress blog smoothly, you would definitely need its plugins. There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress repository.

Every time you check your website speed, people recommend to reduce the number of plugins but no one tells you why.

In this article, you will learn about how many WordPress plugins are too many and what’s the real concept behind it.

Why do People Say No to Plugins and Seek for Manual Tutorials

You may have read many articles to do the things without any plugin. Is that mean, you shouldn’t use a plugin?

It wouldn’t be fair to say that. You can’t judge a plugin until you test it. A well-coded plugin can help you run our website successfully.

But there are many things which can affect the page loading time.

Let me mention some reasons why you shouldn’t use many plugins.

#1. More HTTP Requests

Most of the WordPress plugins have CSS and JavaScript files which increase the number of HTTP requests.

It means whenever your readers open your website, the browser will make more HTTP requests which will directly impact the speed of your website.

#2. Increase the Database Size

There are many plugins which get integrated with the database of your website and adds their own tables.

Increases the database size which can be a major problem for you. It’s always recommended to clean up your WordPress database because it plays a vital role in the website speed.


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