How To Add A Security Question To WordPress Login Page

Every now and then people are afraid of their websites’ security. It’s natural because many websites get hacked every year.

Have you ever thought to add a security question to WordPress login page? Well, this is one of the security layers you can add to your WordPress website.

For WordPress beginners, it’s a challenge to harden their website security. They try seeking for the right resources but fail.

You can use two-factor authentication, password protect your WordPress admin directory, disable directory browsing and more.

In this tutorial, you will learn to add a security question to WordPress login page.

Why Do You Need To Add A Security Question

There are many websites with multiple users which can be targetted by the hackers due to the vulnerabilities. If you have a single user website then it’s more important.

You may not have taken enough security actions. You may read many times about the brute force attack which are basically implemented on the login page.

Whenever you add a security plugin, you can easily see the number of fake login attempts.

That’s the reason you should add an extra layer of security. Adding a security question will act like another password.

If you want to add more users then it will help you all.

Start Adding The Security Question To Different Pages

The best thing about using WordPress is its plugins. To accomplish this task too, you have to use a security question plugin.

Install and activate WP Security Question plugin.

After installation, you will see a new option (WP Security Questions) in the WordPress admin panel. Open its settings and you will see the list of question you can use.

If you scroll down, you will see an option to add more questions. This is great because you can add your own security question.

And it’s always recommended to use a custom question so that only you can have access to your WordPress website.


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