How to Boost Your Email List With Social Media Platforms

No doubt that social media platforms are considered as the source to build your brand and improve your lead generation. Have you ever thought to boost your email list with social media?

It may seem strange to many but with the power of social media, you can definitely get more email subscribers.

I have experienced that ignoring the email marketing really affects the business. Whether you’re a blogger, marketer or an entrepreneur, you should increase the email list.

Having a scale from zero to thousands isn’t easy but you can surely boost email list with social media to a greater extent.

In this article, you will learn about the different platforms which can help you target your audience for better exposure.

What are the Ways to Increase Your Email Subscribers Using Social Media

Every social media platform has its own audience and you need to find out which platform is good for you.

#1. Use Facebook Page

You may have noticed that Facebook provides the freedom to add a button to the page. It’s called as the CTA button. Either you add a button to contact you or directly add a signup button.

I hope you know how to use the email list link to add to this button.

Copy the email list link from your email service provider’s account. Open your Facebook page and you can easily see the add a button option.

Paste it and you’re done.

It will help your convert your Facebook fans to your email subscribers.

#2. Use Facebook Ads

It’s an era where millions of small business owners are using Facebook Ads to expand their business. You can add a signup button while running an Ad.

Just like your Facebook page CTA button, a button will appear with the Ad.

It can bring more people to your email list depending on the success rate, the total reach, and engagement of your Facebook Ad.