How To Create Temporary Login For WordPress Without Password

You may hire a web designer or anyone to do a few changes to your website. Have you ever thought to create temporary login for WordPress without password so that an account automatically expires?

Many WordPress users freak out when they see any error on their website and they hire someone to fix those issues.

What do you do at that time? Do you add a new user and set the privileges using a plugin or give the full access to your WordPres admin panel?

In this tutorial, you will learn the way to create temporary login for WordPress without password.

When Do You Need To Create a Temporary Account

When you start your blog, you require someone who can help you. Most of the WordPress users aren’t techie so they need a helping hand.

To have a perfect design, a web designer can help you who require the complete access to the admin area.

If you trust that person then you can give him your administrator account but what if you don’t. You can create a new user and block that user without deleting his account.

I hope you know how to add the new users in WordPress and how to change users’ role.

It’s never recommended to allow someone unknown to access your admin area. To avoid such risk, you can create a temporary account and set the time.

After the time expiration, it will automatically get expired. It would be safe for you.

Start Creating The Temporary Account For Your WordPress Blog

No wonder that WordPress plugins are your saviors. Install and activate Temporary Login For WordPress plugin.

Go to Users>>Temporary Logins and a new page will open for you.

You will see a “Create New” button. Click on that button and within an instant, you will see the space to fill the credentials for a new user.

Fill all the email address and choose the name you want. Selecting the last name isn’t necessary, it’s your choice.


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