How To Display Before And After Images In WordPress With Slider

You may have noticed at many websites, people compare two images and show them together.

It’s basically used when people try to show the difference between or similarity between two images. Suppose you’re showing an image which is blurred and another with the high quality.

That’s where you need something to attach those photos.

Do you know how to display before and after images in WordPress? This is an interesting topic.

In this tutorial, I will not be even showing you the way to combine two images but a slider too.

Use An Interesting WordPress Plugin From Its Repository.

There is a plugin named “Before After Image Slider Lite“.

You just have to install and active this plugin to your WordPress website.

NOTE: Depending on your theme, you will get an advice to install another plugin to activate the shortcodes. If the plugin works perfectly then no need to install an additional plugin otherwise, you have to install.

You don’t need to do any setting of this plugin.

There will be an option in the WordPress post editor. It will look like a box having the splitting sign.

Just click on that box and a few option will appear to you.

You will notice the space to insert two images.


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