How To Import And Export WordPress Users Properly

If you’re thinking about merging two websites then you would need to import and export WordPress users from one website to another.

Many people are inheriting WordPress websites and using their users’ information to their other website. They merge the content written by users of an older website to the new one.

Though you can create new users manually and publish the content again but it can be overwhelming.

In this tutorial, you will learn the easiest way to import and export WordPress users the right way.

When Would You Need To Import And Export Users In WordPress

Many WordPress users try to consolidate their websites by adding more content which was published on an older website.

It can be a great idea if you purchase that website and merge the users.

In membership websites, you can find it normal because not everyone decides to add more users from starting. You would need a CSV file.

That file will consist all the user details.

Exporting WordPress Users From Your Website

This is not new that you require a WordPress plugin for such things.

Install and activate Cimy user Manager plugin and go to User>>Cimpy User Manager to see its configuration.

Scroll down and you will see a few options for exporting the existing users on your website.

You will see the upload path where the CSV file you create will get stored. The path will vary to your website’s data storage place.

Many people use it for a sub-domain or having the website in a different folder.

You just need to check as the path is created and writable.

The choice of separating your CSV file fields will be given. It will separate each field with a comma. Just below it, you will see another option.

If you are thinking about using this CSV file anywhere else than WordPress only then you can change it otherwise no need.

The data of WordPress users can be stored according to the option given in the drop-down menu.

I would recommend to keeping everything as it is. The default settings always work at its best. Click on “Export” button and you will see a message confirming the file generation.

Use “Download Export File” button and the file will start downloading. Save it somewhere safe in your computer.


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