Image Protection: 5 Ways to Prevent Image Theft in WordPress

You may not notice but many people are there who can pick the images from your blog and use on their own.

It’s always recommended to protect your images. You may have heard about many times how people copy the content.

Well, the content itself consists the images. The visual content is at its verge where people are more likely to read such content.

It’s believed that there is no certain law to stop people but there are a few ways to prevent image theft in WordPress.

You can discourage people to copy.

#1. Watermark Your Images

Most of the website owners watermark their images with the logo of their website. It’s one of the best ways to discourage people from copying your images.

It’s because if they use any image on their website, the logo of your website will also appear.

You can either add it manually while creating the images or you can use a plugin. Install and activate Image Watermark plugin.

Go to Settings>>Watermark and you will see the different options to add watermark. You can upload an image and use it.

You can also add an option to the WordPress media library to add watermark to all the images you upload. Depending on your choice, you can select the options.

#2. Disable Right Click

You may have seen at many websites where you can’t right click on any type of the content. It includes the text, images, videos etc.


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