When and How to Make Your WordPress Blog Private

Just a few days ago, when I was building a website for one of my clients, a concept came into the light. Suppose you want to hide the content of your blog, how would you make your WordPress blog private?

As you all know that many people have their personal blogs and they don’t want anyone else to see their family pictures.

And most of my clients ask me to do it so that they can create the content for their blog first. Before making a blog live, it’s important to hide its content.

From a developer’s perspective, it’s important to show your progress to your client.

At such point, you should make your WordPress blog private so that only people who know the password can access it.

Start Adding a Password to Your Blog

Let me clear that the concept of password protecting your WordPress website is totally different.

It’s because when you password protect your entire WordPress website, it’s done from the WordPress directory which protects the whole content of your website.

But when you make your blog private, it doesn’t password protect the image and video content you have uploaded.

It’s only used to hide from everyone else but not the family.

It’s done for a temporary period of time.

You don’t need to do anything new here. Just install and activate the Password Protected WordPress plugins.

Go to Settings>>Password Protected to set its configurations.

You can see a checkbox to enable this plugin. It will show the current status of your blog. Next is the permission you want to set either only for the administrator or logged users too.

Depending on your choice, you can check the boxes.

You will be asked to fill the password for your website so that your favorite people can access your blog using this password.