‘Cheers to Andy !’, everyone said altogether. This was the Andy’s farewell party as he was moving for an onsite opportunity in USA from INDIA. 
Everyone was happy and enjoying the scotch except Sid who was pretending to be happy.
Sid had been trying to impress his Manager ’Thakur’ to have onsite opportunity but as usual this time again someone else got it. According to Thakur, ‘Andy holds major commands over the Platform Code and more productive in work to make client happy in USA’.

Sid put many efforts to impress his Boss ‘Thakur’ by working late nights, on weekends & even preparing excels which were supposed to be made by Thakur. Finally Sid made his mind to use Andy’s idea to get a Job offer from another company and deal to Thakur for an onsite opportunity.

Sid updated his resume in the job portals and started receiving calls from various recruiters but unable to convert a single offer. Either he was rejected in the Technical rounds or in Managerial interview rounds. He reached to two final HR rounds but for one place his current company notice period was too long and in another he was over qualified for a small firm. Finally one lucky day, he got an offer from a Desi (Indian) Startup. He was not so happy as company was just 6 months old where as his current company was well established in many countries. Sid was going to use this offer letter as a tool for his USA Visa from his manager ‘Thakur’.

Next day, well prepared Sid went office to make a deal for his onsite opportunity. Sid recalled everything he would need to say or hide as suggested by his friends from USA over Skype call. With a smile, Sid entered and sit in his cubical then opened his mail box to send a meeting invite to Thakur for negotiations. Suddenly, his desk phone rang, this was his HR. HR called to talk to him in her cabin. Sid thought this can be because of his regular leaves from office as he was attending interviews and probably Thakur had talked to HR about it.

Sid knocked and entered in Rina’s cabin. 
Rina asked, ‘How are you Sid’ ? 
‘I am good’, replied Sid with a fake smile. 
Rina said, ‘Well’, you know our client is going through difficult time and asked us to downsize offshore team in INDIA. We have already received list of employees and you are one of them’. 
Sid thought, ‘He is so unlucky that the onsite opportunity can slips in this way’. 
Sid got some courage and asked, ‘Why me’ and ‘Now what’, thinking that they would probably move him to different project. 
Rina said, ‘I am not done yet, You are one of them and there are many more other than you’ and she continued, ‘As you know that we are already over sized in other projects, it’s better that you resign or else we need to terminate you’.

Sid’s all plans vanished in single second. He was shocked but there was some kind of satisfaction in him as he had the offer and this MNC was not doing any good to him.

Sid talked to start up and they were more happy for his early joining. On the next fresh Monday — wearing his Fridays casuals, he entered in the new office which was a rented flat in a residential society. RK ‘Ravi Kiran’ met him and got about him & his previous employer and said ‘Wow, I didn’t know about your previous company, this guy Bheema is joining from there on this Thursday, who is going to be your Team Manager. Do you know him’.

Sid thought poorly, ‘Why me, every-time’.

‘’Beema was Thakur’s first name’’

(This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.)