Kubernetes autoscaling based on custom metrics without using a host port
Marko Lukša

Hi Marko,

Thank you for writing this. This is so much better documentation than official documentation.

I have been trying to get it working since yesterday but really stuck on exposing qps. I tried with k8s 1.5.4, k8s 1.0.0-alpha.1 on both minikube and aws. In all cases, I was do not see “Custom Metrics” when I go to pod under http://$(minikube ip):4194/docker/. I used your github repository to create pods.

Can you check if something is missing? Also which k8s version you were using? I am guessing, that you were using 1.5.4

btw, k8s 1.6.x has a built in custom metrics support without heapster. Have you tried that? That may be how it is done in future versions of k8s

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