OnePageX Exchange for Easiest Crypto Conversion with No Fees for 2018!

Since the world learned about the cryptocurrency, trading among the cryptocurrencies is increased along with the new coins creation. Exchanges are must to trade with cryptocurrencies. Though there are already many great exchanges are there for trading, no exchange is there to allow users to trade anonymously.

In that case, a new exchange is come. It allows to trade without registration. Users can trade here without providing their details. And all trades can be done in one page without confusion. Its main focus is simplicity in trade.

That is OnePageX.

The unique exchange for cryptocurrency trading.

1. Introduction
2. About Sign-Up
2.1. No Registration!
3. Transactions
3.1. Complete Procedure
3.2. Time Matters
4. Integration to Other Places
4.1. OneBox Widget
5. Use-Cases
5.1. Individuals
5.2. Businesses
6. Fees
7. Useful Links
8. Video
9. Conclusion and Final Notes

[1] Introduction:
OnePageX is an exchange for various cryptocurrency coins.

The letter “X” in the OnePageX, is the short form of the word “Exchange”. Though it is also an exchange in the cryptocurrency exchanges, it has its uniqueness.

Unlike other exchanges, OnePageX does not need the registration to utilize it.

[2] About Sign-Up:
Interestingly to use OnePageX exchange, users need not join to trade. Users can go directly and start trading without registration.

Usually people first will be taken to registration to do the business in the site, but OnePageX is mainly dedicated for simplification.

2.1. No Registration:
Users can go directly to the exchange and select the desired cryptocurrency to trade. By selecting different coins, it shows the value of the coin.

OnepageX currently allows 140 cryptocurrencies to trade, and it will be updated with other coins and also with newly created coins.

* At present, it allows conversion only from Bitcoin. It means from Bitcoin you can convert into 140+ other cryptocurrencies.

[3] Transactions:
As OnePageX defines its name, it follows the simplicity. Multiple transactions are allowed in one single page. 
Once you select one cryptocurrency and done the job, you can choose another conversion for another cryptocurrency.

3.1. Procedure:

Step 1: Go to OnePageX website.
Step 2: Enter the amount into the box of “Bitcoin” left side.
Step 3: Select the desired cryptocurrency coin right side.
Step 4: When you select the desired coin right side, the entered Bitcoin value automatically shows the conversion rate for that particular cryptocurrency in right side box.
Step 5: Then click on “Start Exchange”.
Step 6: It will display a box along with Bitcoin deposit address.
Step 7: Send required (entered previously) amount of Bitcoin from anywhere to that displayed address.
Step 8: The status will be showing “Pending (confirmation status)”, and next “Confirmed” status respectively.
Step 9: After confirming the stage, the conversion will be completed. You can check the balance in your cryptocurrency wallet.

OnePageX Exchange
OnePageX Exchange

3.2. Time Matters:
The required cryptocurrency is credited immediately once the Bitcoin payment is confirmed successfully.

[4] Integration to Other Places:
OnePageX allows the users to implement OnePageX into their websites using its widget. This widget is called OneBox.

4.1. OneBox:
OneBox is the widget of OnePageX. It can be added by adding the widget code into the websites. When the user added the code into his/her website, visitors of that website can do trade by the OneBox widget. The widget works same as OnePageX but within the OneBox widget.

[5] Use-Case for an individual and a business:
The useage of OnePageX is flexible to use it for individual purpose or for business purpose.

5.1. Individual:
If a person “A” wants to trade for cryptocurrencies, and he doesn’t want to show his identity, OnePageX is perfect gateway for him.

So “A” can go directly to OnePageX exchange site and start trade without giving any details of his own.

5.2. Businesses:
In business, along with personal usage, the business can add the “OneBox” widget on the business website either on sidebar or some other place of the website. So that when any visitor visits the website, he/s can trade directly from the website due the widget, “OneBox”.

[6] Fees:
Update: Though it collects minimal fee for its transactions. OnePageX sets 0% fee for 2018.

OnePageX exchange only takes 0.5% of the trade for network fees on transactions. It will be included in estimation display. But currently it doesn’t collect any fee on the transaction. It will continue at least for 2018.

[7] Useful Links:
* OnePageX Website
* OnePageX OneBox Widget
* OnePageX FAQ
* OnePageX Steemit
* OnePageX Twitter
* OnePageX Medium
* OnePageX Telegram

[8] Video:

[9] Conclusion and Final Notes:
OnePageX is simple an exchange for cryptocurrency trading. For this, users need not to register to trade. It even shows multiple transactions in one page. Users even can add the widget into their websites to do trade directly form their websites.

Currently OnePageX is at the starting stage. It currently allow to convert from Bitcoin only to other 140+ cryptocurrencies. In future, it will be added to convert from many coins to many other coins.