When You Don’t Celebrate Your Wins, You Hold Your Company Back
Gary Vaynerchuk

@garyvee Hope that all is well and rocking!! Thank you for your words of the wise, once again. I agree, this is something I work on as well.

I have found that over the years, on both agency and client side, there are often a number of barriers — internal, external and culturally speaking that hinder our celebration of wins. Not to mention the social barrier of “bragging” albeit posting, tagging or updating with the intent to “inform” others of your achievements or whereabouts…

There’s a fine line between cockiness and confidence, and between passion and aggression. With transparency and authenticity on the rise, how does one know the threshold of how much celebration is too much celebration? Selfie stick anyone..?

I once played hockey with a team of corporate execs, actually clients of an agency I was working with at the time. The biggest key-takeaways from that experience were “positivity” and “celebration” — meaning that if someone made a good pass, play, move or anything, you positively celebrated that action with a clap, whistle, whoop or board bang with your stick. And when a negative result occurred from a positive action, these guys would point out the positive or silver lining in the action rather than the resulting flaw.

What I learned, was the value of celebrating the small wins. The biggest of which was being able to break away from the office, family, friends and the wired world, to strap on pads and play ice hockey with eleven others at some late hour on a random weekday night.

This is what I try to practice daily, verbal acknowledgement of the small wins, in others and myself. Cheers!

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