The controversial native Long Island, New York rapper KING MYERS officially released his newest single record titled “WICKED”, under the Flourish$Prosper label, and distributed through Empi.re across iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google and Apple Music.

WICKED is the first studio single of a series in collaboration with production partner Trip Digital, and founder/super producer Dj Journey. A boomin, uptempo 808 drops the hard rugged backbeat in between rolling trap hats laying the foundation for synth stabs that echo the struggles and rejoice with the rewards. WICKED is not only an anthem, it’s a cross country exploration led by KING MYERS in his global conquest of underground Hip Hop. King’s lyrical partner in crime on the split track features JAMO, hailing from London and host of this collaborative endeavour.

The record was recorded in June, at Nu:Gen Studios in London. The video, shot by Pacman TV, was filmed in just two hours following the recording. In the first 24 hours of it’s release, the video garnered over 250,000 views and 8,000 likes on YouTube. Dj Journey’s instagram post pulled over 12,000 likes. Numbers like this within the first 48 hours provide feedback of how audiences are initially reacting, and help us gauge consideration and interest. We know the message is gaining traction and resonates with an initial audience, and we suspect why.

Packed beneath the music and lyrics is a much deeper meaning filled with behind the scenes sub-storylines between two rappers, and a composer, all from different walks of life. A meaning that reveals how the power of music, and social media brought different walks of live together to write, produce, record and shoot a project over a couple of days. No doubt, music brings people and artists together. At the right place, and the right time, magic can happen. This record is made of magic, only fit for a King!

King Myers’ track record reveals no shortage of previous projects that resulted in “King-like” outcomes for the artist. In february of 2017, King successfully pulled off one of hip-hop’s greatest publicity stunts. He tricked the media into believing that he was a new signee to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music record label, to release his Donald Trump diss track “propaganda” in which he credited Kanye West as the producer. This caused King to be featured and mentioned on major media outlets like cnn, fox news, tmz, xxl magazine, and hiphopdx.

On Friday the 13th, the night of the WICKED release, I was King Myers joined me at FRPTV studio for an interview and deep dive into his life, his art and what drives his passion to create. I work with many artists, and working with King Myers has been a blessing. He is calm, collected, cool, smart, articulate and fun. Most importantly, he delivers a consistently quality product, in a timely manner.