How Faith Taught to Live Alone: A Confession

Howdy friends!

Today I’m going to share the story of one of my friend. Read the whole story of him and experience the pain within.

Always help the needy.
This is what I was taught in my life. When the needy is your friend, you must do whatever possible. But when it’s your love you must even try for the impossible one. But what I learned is loving a girl is as complex as buying a phone without guarantee. You can’t predict when she can quit without intimidation and without any reason.
You may or may not be interested in reading my story, but let me lighten my heart by sharing what I faced and what I learned.
Firstly, have a brief intro about myself. I am a guy who is enriched with good amount of talent. Somebody call me multi-talented and somebody call me stepney (as I can work in different IT fields).
Starting my story from August 2015, the day I met her in the office. Being a person with knowledge of networking, web designing, SEO, Content writing, I was always called for the setup of any new joiners in our department. And the same happened on that day too. My Team Leader instructed me to set up her system and brief her about content writing. I initiated!
I introduced myself and asked for the same. Everything was as usual. Nothing new happened.
Within first week we come closer as I was to lead her and it’s my habit to encourage every newbie. Due to this trait she get attracted towards me. Exchange of phone numbers happened.
We talked at night and exchanged our life experiences resulting in some common ones. That brings us more closer.
The passage of days resulted into a month. Some problems occurred! My Manager tried to flirt with her regardless of being a married man with two children. She informed me and I told her to execute as per my plan. She was able to evacuate from his trap. This brings her even more closely to me and dependable too. Our friendship starts decoding into unconstitutional love.
Oh sorry it was not “OUR” it was just “MY
Months passed and we become dependent on each other. I was totally transparent in front of her (whether it was my family issues, external issues or it was about our relationship) . Some after 4 months I resigned from the company (as I got a good opportunity). She requested me not to leave her alone. She urged with tears, reason being I was the only one she trusts in the office.
I thought and planned to make her switch too in a good company with a good salary. I did everything for her (created resume, applied in different companies, used my references) and finally she got a good job with same joining date as mine but in other company.
With the passage of months there became a strong bond between us. I used to have blind faith on her. The day come when we left the existing company and joined the new one.
Climax begins…
I started missing her a lot. But surprisingly she was not. She used to ignore me. No more morning calls, no more night calls. I used to keenly wait for her call, but she just started skipping. She told me not to call her because of some family issue. But as I was desperate to talk to her, I told her friends to inform her.
And the day came (21st December)! I finally called her in the morning. She picked the call with an angry accent. I was just to say that “I’m missing you baby” but I heard “why the hell are you calling me? I told you not to call me. You are only bothered about love love and love. There are some problems running in my home. Can’t you understand there can’t be anything between us? Don’t call me again. I will try to call you once everything will be OKAY.”
I was totally mute. My body was still with just the eyes in working stage. Tears were rolling out of my eyes. It was the first time I cried after childhood.
I was gone in depression. I started living an isolated life.
But friends are those who never let you down even when you are having a broken heart. My friends (S & D) consolidated me. They were aware of everything. They started calling me till late night. They started meeting me after office timings. Sometimes they even come to my home.
Yesterday was 14th February (Valentine’s Day) which made me to recall her in my mind. I am still waiting for her call but I know it’s not possible anymore. My faith is totally churned by her.
Now I am alone. No trust anymore. :(
If a man cries for a woman, it’s a deep matter to heed upon.
But she didn’t observe anything. All I learned from blind faith is to live alone.
With this all, I can only say

I humbly request you all to share his till she read this and acknowledged the feelings of my loving friend.

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